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Who is John C. Warwick?? An interview by Martina Doerner @dorner_martina

Interview with John C. Warwick

First let me say thank you for the willingness to answer my questions John It would be nice if you could introduce yourself briefly to those who don’t know you yet

I’m John C. Warwick, coming from Poplar, East London/UK. I’m a singer/songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. Because of my inquisitive dyslexic mind I put feelings and energy into my music. I was studying Nikola Tesla’s mind set and so I learned to use color sound.

Let us know what motivated you to become a musician, was it a childhood dream or certain artists that inspired you?

I think music find me. I was suffering depressions when I was around 21 years, working in a paper mill factory I’ve met three friends who gave me new CDs to listen and I was listening 8 hours a day. When I was 26 I was watching a friend playing Blackbird by the Beatles and I guess that was the moment I’ve decided to be a musician.

How would you describe the music you do?

It’s hard to describe my music because I write in a lot of different styles. I’m mostly rock in a classic style like the 60’s and 70’s but with a modern twist. I have made reggae,punk,jazz, pop and acoustic folk music etc.

If I have to say a genre I would say alternative rock and folk.

Which bands or artists inspire you?

Mostly old bands/artists like Pink Floyd, Humble Pie, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Kinks, Deep Purple and a lot of blues. Right now I’m more into indie music, I’ve met a few fantastic artists and bands who inspire me like: The Delerium Trees, Portobello Express, Jam-Tako, Porcine Assembly, Man eat Grass, Vix 20, Wild Horse and My Achilles Heel. I’m working with Shane Hillmann from Caught in Crossfire and that’s what inspires me too.

Who influences your music?

I was big into the Beatles, specially Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, David Bowie in the songwriting aspect, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Johnny Cash in the singer aspect and Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Bob Marley and Humble Pie in the musically aspect.

Really a lot of different areas influenced my music.

Which famous artist would you like to perform with?

There are a lot of, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney,. Ray Davis. Unfortunately most of the artists I like are past away like Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury,Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Tom Petty.

Is there a special venue where you would like to perform?

Wembley stadium. I grew up not far away from there and when Queen, Micheal Jackson and live Aid where playing there we could hear it in the back garden. I kinda like my local venue.

You are an independent artist, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages: I like the freedom to do the music I like, this is a really important thing to me.

Disadvantages: Without a big label at your back you have to do a lot of work yourselves and this time is consuming. It takes you away from creativity and cost a lot of money when you trying to merch, making CDs and recording studio time.

What do you think how much the internet has changed the music business?

I don’t know how much it has changed, because of the streaming platforms it’s a different thing to get your music out. For me streaming isn’t a big deal, for me it’s just chasing numbers. I’m mostly interested in building a fan base and with the internet it’s all more global now. I talk to artists and fans all over the world and it gives you the chance to collaborate and connect with people in different places.

If you could change something about the music industry what would you do?


I think the whole music industry should rebuild again, it’s just unfair and I wouldn’t call it a industry, it’s just a business for making money and not music. The small guy, the indie artists or small Radio stations doesn’t have a chance because of a lot restrictions that they have put in place.

There should be a grass root system which helps indie artists and Radio stations like a spring board but it’s all about the money and being greedy.

What makes you happy, sad or mad?

Happy: Music in general, making it and listening to it. Also reading and studying, traveling and to have an understanding girlfriend.

Sad: The way some musicians act, how they show off. In my opinion most of them have no talent. Lot of women sell their selfs by acting sexy to get their music heard. That’s not an image I want my daughter to put out.

Mad: People who are talking about money, fame and needing a hit. In my opinion this all comes from your heart and maybe never to soulless artists.

Tell us what’s next, new songs or an album, what are your plans?

I’m working with Shane Hillmann, a producer/songwriter from Canada and we have some projects we are working on. Also I working on a new album and want to bring 4 or 5 singles out. Probably collaborate with some artists on a couple of my songs and collaborating with a couple of musicians I like… Just busy with a lot of stuff.

Thank you for the interesting insights and the conversation John, good luck for all upcoming projects.

Martina Doerner.


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