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INVESTIGATOR release the long awaited full length-debut album Shade.

Long awaited is perhaps an understatement, considering it’s been over two years since the release of the first single Bad Luck’s Shoebox. But, as they say, good things take time… and money… and covid delays.

This is INVESTIGATOR tackling tougher issues, with that weight comes a heavier brand of music. There is a definite shift in tone for the album, with more frenetic guitars compared to the self-titled EP. Retaining the melodic sound INVESTIGATOR are known for, Shade brings an added darkness, creating more depth to this record. Adrian says, ‘if the EP favoured an 80’s vibe, well Shade is definitely set in the 90’s.”

Lyrically across the entire album Adrian addresses; violence, abuse to women, paternal failure, bullying, individuality, politics, climate change, mental health, addiction and his own degenerative bone disease. There’s also a supernatural element to Shade, not just with the brush strokes, but with characters and themes throughout. Opening track The Raiser is your classic Boogeyman nightmare, while album closer Downtown is that dark and dangerous part of your city that sucks you down, never to see the light of day again.

As always with INVESTIGATOR, within the dark brooding space - there’s always a hint of optimism. With that optimism and two singles already reaching the NZ Music Charts, Adrian and the band feel like things are just getting started!

Shade is out across all digital platforms 11/11/22 along with the new single Sores.

Band Line-Up:

Adrian Drew - Guitars, Vocals

David Crowhen - Bass

Craig van Kan - Drums

Adam Morton-Mason - Lead Guitar

Mixed & Mastered by Kane Bennett @ Soundscape Studio

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