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Troy Richmond Dixon

Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan and now residing in Memphis, Tennessee, Troy Richmond Dixon blends the influences of country, rock, folk and soul into a style that is uniquely his own. “For me, it’s all about the stories that you’re trying to tell and how they resonate during the creative process. All of my favorite songwriters were first and foremost great storytellers. That’s what I try to always be conscious of when I’m working on new material…what is the heart of the story and how can I best tell it…simply and honestly. Once that’s figured out, the writing seems to take care of itself.” Troy has been writing, recording and performing his heartfelt and thoughtful brand of Americana/Roots music throughout the country for the last ten years. Along with three previous CD releases, Troy has written over three hundred songs as well as numerous short stories and a volume of poetry. Troy describes his new, six song EP titled "Too Late to Turn Back Now" as “energetic mix of folk, country and rock that explores the boundaries of modern Americana music.”


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