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New artists added on rotation March 2022

Better Days ©2022 Superhighwayman

Lately I’m not feeling myself, been acting like somebody else

Don’t know what direction I’m heading, maybe I should go back to bed and…

Think about making changes, dream about better days when remembering

The place we stayed at when you and I were on holidays yeah

Now I know what I’m gonna do, gonna spend more time hanging around you

You taught me so much I didn’t know of, now finally I’m starting to grow up…

And think about making changes, dream about better days when remembering

The place we stayed at when you and I were on holidays there

Having fun in the sunshine, with nothing on my mind

Just sitting around drinking and not really thinking

Looking back I’ve had a pretty good life, hanging around wasting my time

But I’ve always felt a little bit lonely, now I’ve got somebody on my team

Thinking ‘bout making changes, dreaming ‘bout better days when remembering

The place we stayed at when you and I were on holidays in better days!


Underdog is a band from Boston playing Supersonic alternative rock, formed in 2013 by Scott Ferguson (Guitar, Bass & Vocals) and Bryn Carlson (Lead Guitar, Drums, Bass & Vocals), who have been joined onstage by Aram Heller (Bass) and Harry MacKenzie (Drums). Bryn and Scott share the songwriting duties, and spent the past few of years writing and recording their first album, Ether Dome, which was released September 18, 2020, on Sonic Vibration Records. Scott and Bryn have known each other since the early 1980s, when Bryn moved to Boston from the Washington DC area. They have played together in other Boston bands over the years including The Hackmasters in the 80s, and fin-de-siècle in the 90s, as well as other groups such as Secret Word, The Trodds, the Dark Cellars, World of Distortion, the Time Beings, and the Vatican Sex Kittens from the late 70s through the 00s. Underdog has been the No. 1 charting alternative band in Boston, and the region, on Reverbnation for over two years, reaching No. 2 on the National, and No. 3 on the Global charts. Ether Dome has generated positive reviews from Music Is To Blame, We Write About Music, Roadie Music, Rats On The Run, Rising Artists and A&R Factory. They have been getting regular local airplay on WMBR in Cambridge, as well as many stations in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and South America. They have been featured on the Limbocast podcast in Canada, and interviewed on The Flipside and Music Buzz Online music blogs. Their songs are being added daily to a wide variety of playlists on Spotify, where they are constantly gaining exposure. The time spent in quarantine didn’t slow down their productivity, and they are currently using both of their home studios to continue writing and recording on songs for their follow up album, Trans Global Amnesia, which they hope to be releasing in the Spring of 2022.

The Skeepers

The Skeepers (ex-SkippingRope) is a Russian rock band from St. Petersburg, created in 2016 by Siberian Max Ivanov (creative pseudonym "Red") - a guitarist, vocalist and author of music. The group is a prominent representative of guitar rock music. Repeated participants and winners of major regional and international competitions. The hallmark of the team, its main feature is the vocals and energy of the team's frontman, Max Ivanov. Critics attribute the group's work to such genres as rock, hard rock, punk, pop punk, pop rock, alternative rock.

The Skееpers use in their work both classical instruments: guitars, drums, piano, and electronic ones: synthesizers, samplers, MUK and less popular instruments: Hammond organ. Releases: November 2021- Mr. President (single) - got into the global playlist Yandex Music "Alternative" December 2021 - My Therapy (single) - got into the global playlist of VK Music "Foreign Rock" and My Therapy (music video) - 80 000 views on YouTube On February 18, 2022, the band released their debut album My Therapy, on which the single Mad Song was mixed by sound engineer Ron Nevison (Meat Loaf, the Babys, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, UFO., Michael Schenker Group, Survivor, Jefferson Starship, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Europe, Chicago, Grand Funk Railroad, Heart and Damn Yankees and many more)

Red Relations

Rock band Red Relations release their debut single “Monday” Written by Maria Hjuler Suhr – 22nd December 2021 For most people, it is incredibly tiring to try and dig out the workflow on the cold and dark Mondays. But there is probably no Monday that’s worse than the one after New Year’s Eve where the hangovers haven’t evaporated yet, and the smell of spilled Jack Daniels still hangs in the air? Imagine if we all decided to cancel this Monday in particular – how awesome would that be? If it was up to Red Relations themselves, they would without consideration choose to spend the extra day off hanging out in the rehearsal room, cranking up the Marshall amplifiers, consuming the sad leftovers from New Year’s Eve, making heavy guitar riffs and maybe even conjuring up some rock poetry slam. Their debut single “Monday” exactly reflects this imaginative scene in which the frontman during first verse line begins by openly asking out in plenary: “What would you say if we cancel Monday?” Artwork by Mikkel Albert Gammelgaard Red Relations in action – photo by Troels Bramming The newly established group has energy, whole lotta inspiration and more songs coming up Red Relations can be described as a powerful band with a classic and well-known rock sound, freshened up with modern guitar effects and wild-boys-poetry a la Stones. Red Relations’ sound and music is clearly inspired by some of the greatest bands in rock music. In this case, the band mentions Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Foo Fighters and AC/DC. They seem to be a couple of hardcore dudes to follow, but Red Relations makes nonetheless a serious effort and hits bullseye on the classic rock style. Their first single “Monday” is released on Monday the 3 rd of January 2022 and is later followed by the tracks “Drive” and “Circle of Diamonds” in February and April, respectively. A rock n’ roll quartet with great ambitions is pushing towards the Danish rock scene Equipped with his fast and melodic guitar licks, Samir Cakar constitutes the group’s answer to Angus Young. He is a talented guitarist and an amazing performer, who gets the audience almost over the edge of the stage. By Samir’s side at the front, we find Casper Vindbjerg, who after several years solo now breaks out of the mainstream frames of pop music, lets the beard grow and sets a raw standard for his vocals. This time in a crispy, ear-melting and Phil Collins-like resonance. Photos by Troels Bramming The dynamic duo Daniel Therkelsen (bass) and Max Alrø (drums) constitute a solid rhythmic foundation that together create ground for a stable and well playing band. The sparkle in their eyes can’t be overlooked when performing their impressive heavy rhythm sections and precise fills. There is no slowing down when Red Relations hit the stage. With an energetic performance, cool guitar riffs, heavy bass and impressive drum fills, the group gives the audience an evocative and captivating concert experience from start to finish.

The Samu

“Parchecito” el nuevo éxito del cantante colombiano

Hoy, el cantante, compositor y realizador audiovisual The Samu, quien ya cuenta con 3 nominaciones internacionales fué premiado en 2021 a mejor canción con Clouzine International Music Awards (Billboard) y World Songwriting Awards y según el Wrapped Artist de Spotify fue el cantante de música urbana pereirano más escuchado en la plataforma, lanza su sencillo “Parchecito”.

The Samu acompaña el lanzamiento de “Parchecito” con el video musical, bajo su dirección / producción en compañía de 1113 Music, disquera donde es CEO.

El videoclip de “Parchecito” fue grabado en la ciudad de Pereira, Colombia por Marina Colorado y Junior Jaramillo donde se aprecia el majestuoso e icónico viaducto de la ciudad. El sencillo “Parchecito” como su nombre lo refleja, es una expresión característica y propia del léxico en la región colombiana donde es oriundo The Samu y fue grabado el video. La canción de genero reggaetón cuenta con una divertida combinación de sonidos latinos, narra la propuesta de una aventura pasajera. Escucha Parchecito en Spotify EScucha Parchecito en Apple music Sobre The Samu Ganador a "Mejor canción fusion" y "Mejor canción R&B" con Flowstar y fue el cantante pereirano de musica urbana más escuchado en Spotify para 2021. Cantante, compositor y realizador audiovisual colombiano. Cuenta con más de 5 nominaciones a nivel mundial. Firmado actualmente por 1113 Music donde es CEO. Logró la posicion #76 en iTunes Colombia con su canción Or Nah, a trabajado con grandes exponentes de la musica urbana como Jowell (Jowell & Randy), Alexander Dj, Franco el Gorila, Gaviria y muchos más. Se espera el lanzamiento de su primer EP para verano.

Of Shadows and Lights

Italian maverick Angelo Pitone – a.k.a. Of Shadows and Lights – strikes again, returning with his brand new single, Bleeding Wounds. A top-notch track that raises the bar further and blends rock music, synthwave, and a breathtaking orchestral, cinematic texture in the middle section. Music, lyrics, and visual art still remain the core of Angelo’s creativity and versatility, as well as the melodies that become stuck in your mind. The single will be available on all streaming and downloading platforms on Friday 28th January 2022. Click on the artwork to listen to the song. Bleeding Wounds sees the light of day following the release of OSAL’s debut studio album (Almost Prophetic Visions and Thoughts) and two perfect follow-up singles (Under Control and The End of a Nightmare). He keeps the electro element at the heart of his music but does not sacrifice the spirit and power of rock and roll. This is topped off by the orchestral elements that provide something new to the OSAL listening experience. Lyrically, there is more than you can expect from a simple metaphor concerning a vampire’s world. There’s an intrinsic intimacy that you can discover only by really listening to the song. This will give you the feeling that Angelo is speaking to you directly. Is it your wound that is still bleeding? The time has come! Listen to it now. Get involved in this sweet, hypnotic, and mysterious vibe, from the very first verse, and enjoy this musical journey. Bleeding Wounds is here… For fans of: Muse, Depeche Mode, Nothing But Thieves, Radiohead, Biffy Clyro. For music lover of genres: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Synthwave Of Shadows And Lights' music has been appreciated, supported and broadcast by major indie webradio such as Radio Wigwam, Lonely Oak Radio, This Is Only Rock Radio (Awakening #2 and The End of a Nightmare #1 in the Top 10), TSFC Radio (Crossfire #7, Under Control #9 in the Top 24 and Universal Thing #4 in the Top 5!) , TSFC Radio (Crossfire was included in their Top 24! at #7), and ZooTap Radio. It also received amazing positive feedback thanks to album reviews made by several music blogs like Rockit, YMX, Fruit Sonics, Indie Dock Music Blog, The Static Dive, Indie Cool, Musyance, The Other Side, Thoughts Words Actions, Rocknbold, Aldora Britain Records and e-zine, and they are all available here. Nominated for the 'Best Indie Rock Artist' on Wigwam Online Radio Awards in 2021. Angelo Pitone a.k.a. Of Shadows And Lights. The song was written, produced, arranged, played, mixed and mastered by Angelo itself. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music with honors at the UWS - the University of the West of Scotland. Bleeding Wounds is the third single released on Aldora Britain Records by Tom Hilton.

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Varun  Aich
Varun Aich
Apr 16, 2023

Wow ! Nicely put forth ! I mean , I am deeply impressed with the coverage and writing style ! Awesomeness! Look forward to more ! Cheers !

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