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BERLIN, GERMANY – Apr 10, 2021

'3am' is the upcoming single of the downtempo act Anaté, which comprises of singersongwriter,

Ana, and producer and songwriter, Andrea. It will be released on April

26th, 2021.

3m is a sexy track matching Anaté’s previous releases, arranged around Ana's warm

and powerful voice and soothing vocal lines. Production is centred around a live set

with drums, bass and piano, with sparse electronic elements.

3am is the fifth self-produced single to be released from Anaté’s debut album,

‘Confessions’. It was recorded in Andrea’s private studio in Milan; it was mixed by

Simone Coen and mastered by Giovanni "Meniak" Nebbia.


Ana said:

“Keeping the idea of duality, which is the concept of our first album, 3am is a

song about an escape from reality in one's fantasies. The lyrics were written in

the middle of the night when inspiration hit me, hence the name. The bluesy

mood definitely inspired me to pick this topic. I feel that blues is filled with

emotions and sensuality.

Andrea said:

“3am is another of those songs that come to me from Ana basically complete

with melody and lyrics. I kept the arrangement extremely simple to allow space

to the voice. There are very few elements: piano, drums, bass and some

atmospheric textures on the background to underline the sexy mood of the

song ”

Pop | 10 April 2021


About the artist

When producer, Andrea, set out to find the perfect voice for a Trip-Hop influenced

album, he found Ana. Once their influences combined, their collaborative sound

became a smorgasbord of stylistic elements including Downtempo, Pop, Indie Rock

and Alt Hip Hop.

The true distinction in their sound lies within the conceptually confessional nature of

their lyricism which is paired with atmospheric melodies which share reminiscences

with Massive Attack, Morcheeba and Hooverphonic.

Their forthcoming 10-track album ‘Confessions’ will be gradually released throughout

2021 and Anaté have already started working on their sophomore album. When live

stages are safe to grace, they’re prepared to take over them too with their unique

sound which layers Pop melodies with acoustic instruments and electronic effects to

achieve a retro feel with a modernistic finish.



T H E 2 0 0 9 A L B U M W A S E N T I T L E D " I T ' S A L L G O O D . " H E H A S A L S O W R I T T E N H I T S F O R A R T I S T S L I K E T H E W I L L I A M SB R O T H E R S ( G O D W I L L D E L I V E R ) , S L I M A N D T H E S U P R E M E A N G E L S ( S E P A R A T E D R I G H T F R O M W R O N G ) , A N D L U C I L L E P O P E A N D P E A R L Y G A T E S ( R E A L C H R I S T I A N S S T A N D U P ; G R E A T R E U N I O N ) T O N A M E A F E W R O L A N D H A S P L A Y E D A N D S U N G O N C O U N T L E S S O T H E R W O R K S W I T H A R T I S T S L I K E T H E B L I N D B O Y S O F A L A B A M A , D O R O T H Y N O R W O O D , A N D M A N Y O T H E R S . I N 2 0 0 4 , H E T O U R E D S W I T Z E R L A N D A N D O T H E R C O U N T R I E S O N " T H E T R I B U T E T O M A H A L I A J A C K S O N T O U R . " H E R E L E A S E D H I S F I R S T S O L O P R O J E C T I N 2 0 1 4 , " R E V I V A L O N A T O U R B U S , " W H I C H I S S T I L L A T O P S E L L E R I N S O U T H E R N G O S P E L . H I S S O P H O M O R E A L B U M , " I N G O D ’ S O W N T I M E , ” I S S L A T E D F O R R E L E A S E I N J U L Y 2 0 1 5 . F O R T H E P A S T T W O Y E A R S R O L A N D H A S A L S O S P O K E N I N F L O R I D A W I T H J A I M I E F O X X A N D O T H E R N O T E D C E L E B R I T I E S A F T E R T H E T R A Y V O N M A R T I N I N C I D E N T A N D W A S A T G R O U N D Z E R O I N F E R G U S O N , A B O U T M E IN 2014, ARTHUR ROLAND WAS INDUCTED INTO THE GOSPEL MUSIC HALL OF FAME AS A MEMBER OF LUCILLE POPE AND THE



Atomic Vulture

You’re moving through the silence of outer space A giant shuttle brings you to your destination Halfway there when you need to refuel Pull up to the gas station and stock up on supplies Even here you can find the new Atomic Vulture album.

They have been pleasing listeners since 2011 and even some bumps on the road didn’t slow down the space probe that is Atomic Vulture.

Three stoned astronauts - Pascal David (guitar), Jens Van Hollebeke (drums) and Kris Hoornaert (bass) - explore the outskirts of the outer universe.

Although it’s difficult these days to be seen as truly engaging and original instrumental rock music, Atomic Vulture has made it look easy and, more important, downright enjoyable! Stoner of a high level from a band that matures with every performance, release and even rehearsal.

In July 2012 they released their first EP, ‘Atomic Vulture'. It was embraced by the stoner audience and the band's fan base grew rapidly.

The next EP 'Planet Emerald' saw light early 2013 & later that year the single 'Moon Base' announced a further exploration of space.

They released their debut album 'Into Orbit' in 2014 in own management.

This 8 tracks containing album was also pressed on vinyl in various colors in corporation with Pink Tank Records from Germany.

In the spring of 2018, they released a new 5-track EP ‘Stone of the Fifth Sun’ with Jackalope Music from Germany.

Jackalope Music cooperated with Polderrecords (BE) for the release on colored vinyl. By now Atomic Vulture has a become an established name in the scene, so in 2020 a second press of the album insisted.

The adoption of Atomic Vulture by the Polderrecords family was completed with the release of a compilation CD.

2020 was a year best left forgotten The Vulture wanted to spread his wings across planet Earth and had great plans for international tours, huge summer festivals, an impressive album release, ...

But had to put those plans in the fridge They did manage to produce a new offspring: MOVING THROUGH SILENCE

The full album, containing eight tracks, will be officially released in May 2021 on CD and multi-colored vinyl.

It is the second cooperation with Polderrecords. It goes without saying in 2021 and 2022 these tunes will be the wind beneath the vulture’s wings that carries them across all borders, on Earth and beyond!

Atomic Vulture has shared the stage with: Monkey 3, Psychonaut, Fatso Jetson, Greenleaf, Desert Storm, Ritual King, Troy Torino, Cowboys & Aliens, Spiders, Radar Men from the Moon, Labirinto, King Hiss, Libido Fuzz, Papir, The Black Explosion, Komatsu, Sardonis, Rotor, Fire Down Below, Ortega, Samsara Blues Experiment, Zoë, Maudlin, The pacelords, Monolith, The Glücks, Swamp Machine, Black Mirrors, …

They’ve rocked the stage of: Red Smoke Festival (PL), Pietra Sonica Festival (IT), Yellowstock (BE), 4AD (BE), Rockhouse Bar (AT), Kinky Star (BE), Helios 37 (DE), Music City (BE), Unicorn (UK), Magdalena (BE), Vortex (DE),

Le Ferrailleur (FR), Psyka Festival (DE), Salla Hollander (ES), ...

Atomic Vulture has cooperated with organizations such as: Dutch&European Stoner Rock (NL), Obey The Riff (BE),

Below the Sun (FR), Sound of Liberation (DE), … Atomic Vulture has been reviewed by: Rock Tribune, Heavyplanet, Down Tuned, More Fuzz, Stonerobixxx, Dhu Records, Metal Inside, Desert Rock, Stoner King, Denpafuzz, Psychedelic Baby Magazine, Wizard’s Dungeon, ...

Atomic Vulture asked Henk Vanhee (Cowboys & Aliens) to unleash his vocals on “Rain” on the last EP “Stone of

the Fifth Sun”, but yes…

Atomic Vulture will forever be instrumental. In 2019 they performed acoustic a few times, but yes…

Atomic Vulture will forever be electric.

They’ve made their choices concerning their sound;

The bass provides a deep, throbbing heartbeat that leads the charge and allows the drums to do more than just

keep time, while the guitar sings as an actual vocalist.

Live they take you on an epic road trip where one second you’re swaying with the waves, the next you’re stamping

your feet, creating an earthquake along with Atomic Vulture.

Their dynamics tell a story without uttering a single word








Twitter @AtomicVulture

Instagram atomic_vulture


Record label

Polderrecords –


Bad Meister

I am Japanese.

Born ㏌ Japan ㏌1993. I live ㏌Tokyo.

(Affected artist)

Led Zeppelin、Aerosmith、GunsN‘Roses、Lenny Kravitz、Deftones、Metallica、Dope、Dir En Gray、

Ozzy Osborne、Rob Zombie、Powerman5000、etc

(Equipment used)


Vocal、Guitar、Bass、Drums、all bymyself.

The stock of songs made far is about 80 songs.

(Sound features)

Making hard rock sounds. I‘m coming (growl)there.

(Work introduction)

(Murder)・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Highspeed danceable hardcore tune

(Beautiful Nightmare)・・・・・・・・・Mystical tune

(Blow)・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Cool tune

There are many others! Spotify、Apple music、Awa、iTunes etc. Please check it out.


Imagine the love child of Muse and the Foo Fighters brought kicking and screaming into the world by Royal Blood, and you’ll have some idea of what Bristol alternative rock band Blacklist are bringing to the music scene…

Formed in 2018, Blacklist produce music with dynamic bass lines and catchy hooks with imaginative and emotive lyrics that immediately strike a chord with listeners.

The band emerged out of the desire of vocalist/bass player Saul Blease to have a vehicle to bring the critically acclaimed music he was creating as a solo artist, to a wider audience in the live arena following the release of his Black Hole EP in 2017, which was described by Rock Society magazine as “astonishing”.

Having graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Popular Music, Saul turned to long time friend Elliott Tottle, himself studying music at BIMM Bristol as well as being guitarist in pop punk band Everything Else to join his new band Blacklist. Joe Webb later joined the Blacklist on drums..

After a number of favourably received local gigs Blacklist entered the recording studio to lay down their first single, The Replacer, which will be released on 18th December 2018.

The Ady Baker Sound

The Ady Baker Sound reveal stunning new single ‘Ten Ton Smile’

Reading-based alternative 4 piece The Ady Baker Sound have unleashed a blistering new single called Ten Ton Smile, which will be released on Friday 15th November 2019 through Musical Bear ‘Records’ across all digital platforms. This belting Indie Punk track, recorded at Pyramid Studios in Hurst, displays the bands more abrasive punk influence and is full of bile, confusion and tongue-in-cheek humour. In times of political unrest and frustration, the song is focussed on the typical stoical “grin and bear it’ motif. As “when things irritate you like life is one pile, you can thank your lucky stars you’ve got a Ten Ton Smile”

“Great to hear a track with this much energy, and lyrics with bite, during these 'interesting' times!” – Mark Montague Phonic FM


Since its inception in 2017 The Ady Baker Sound has grown (literally) since the DIY debut single from a solo project to a fully-fledged band made up of Ady (vocals & samples), Jim Dorney (bass), Mark Summers (guitar) and Leo Brown (drums).

The Ady Baker Sound’s lively sets have generated interest with successful supports slots on Jesus Jones and Dodgy’s tours. They have gained affection for their passionate and energetic live shows and have found a natural rhythm to combining their diverse musical tastes, which shouldn’t work on paper but is "like baking a cake

in your ear holes".

The Ady Baker Sound’s Lo-fi debut “The Autojector” was playlisted on BBC Introducing and the band immediately gained interest and attention for their unorthodox blend of electronica, samples and alternative rock music. They have worked with producer John Mitchell on their single “O.N.E.” who has also produced music for Enter Shikari, You Me At Six and Funeral For a Friend. This was playlisted in South America and Australia.

The band has played on the same Are you listening? Festival bill as Idles to a packed crowd that included Steve Lamacq (BBC 6) and John Kennedy (RadioX), which led to them being booked again for the following year where they

were sandwiched in-between Willie J. Healey and Rozi Plain, highlighting the eclectic nature of this exciting band.

Far From Who We Are

Far From Who We Are releases hard-hitting new single and music video HopePunk Records is excited to announce the release of “Sleep in Shadows”, the hardhitting new single from melodic hard rockers Far From Who We Are, a 3-piece hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. The song features an exciting vocal collaboration with Germany- based vocalist and producer Gideon Kretschmer, the musician behind many of HopePunk Records’ artists.

The song is taken from the bands’ forthcoming new EP of the same name, slated for a June/ July release. More info @


About the band:

Far From Who We Are bring the HEAVY and the HEART - they continue to push the boundaries of traditional hard rock, fusing a mix of rock, metal and electro sounds to create their unique blend of melodic alternative rock that is big on emotion and haunting, yet super catchy, melodies, underpinned by hard-hitting riffs and beats. “Sleep in Shadows” is another perfect example of this magic recipe.

The band consists of brothers Johan Heyns (Guitar, Vocals, Synths), Maarten Heyns (Bass) and Kyle Williams


Formed back in 2015, the band released their selftitled debut in 2017, and have since continued to shape their signature sound through a number of well-received single releases (including “This is War” (2018), “Hollow”, ”Monster in Me” and “Chaos” (2019),

“Hurricane”, and “Living a Lie” (2020)).

“Rise”, released November 2020, was the first single from their upcoming EP and was also recently included in Mongrel Records’ FANGS Volume 3, the latest compilation of the best of the African Rock & Metal underground. Check the awesome music video here.

They’re well known for their energetic and immersive live shows, and the band have shared the stage with the big names in the SA rock scene. They write, record, mix and master everything themselves in their own studio (The Laundry Room), and the result is a recording quality that is truly world-class, which is just what their songs deserve.

Recently nominated for a 2020 South African Metal Music Award (Best Alternative Band), the band is set for big things in the year to come. The final touches are being added to their forthcoming new EP (also titled “Sleep in Shadows”), and yes, the songs are sounding massive!

SLEEP IN SHADOWS is available on all digital platforms on Fri 14 May

About the song:

Musically, ”Sleep in Shadows" is another world-class production from super producer & engineer Johan Heyns, perfectly capturing the band's signature sound of powerful and emotional melodies soaring over hard-hitting

drums and ear-splitting riffage. Lyrically the song draws from personal experience of dealing with insomnia, and the

demons and emotional shadows that haunt us when we close our eyes.

The song is also a first-time collaboration with Gideon Kretschmer, the vocalist behind HopePunk bands HeadFury, WonderWolf and more. Lyrics and melodies were shared and shaped remotely via Whatsapp between the

band in South Africa and Gideon in Germany.

The song is a fitting 2nd single from the band's forthcoming new EP, also titled “Sleep in Shadows”.

For fans of


•Nothing More

•Good Tiger



Watch the lyric/music video NOW -

About the video:

The video is a hybrid music & lyric video with fast-paced, disturbing imagery and graphics overlaid with energetic and honest performance shots by vocalists Johan and Gideon, filmed remotely on their iPhones in South Africa and Germany, and then edited by Gideon. Says Gideon - “We wanted to create a relatively low-fi DIY video that captures both the infectious energy of the song and the deeper lyrical meaning, visualising the fight with inner demons haunting us at night, when we cannot hide behind the distraction of the day any longer.”



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