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BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL is tiptoeing your way from Helsinki, Finland and hailing the world with a brand new release!

The new ‘triple A-Sided’ single Se

a / To Do Love / Sea (Jokujekku Remix) is the second release from the forthcoming debut album, and it will hit all the streaming and services on October 1, 2021. The release features the 2step / Garage remix version by Helsinki-based young artist Jokujekku.

Beautiful Animal’s debut double ‘A-Sided’ single Roller / Graveyard was released on June 4, 2021. Both songs were well received and frequently played on radios all over the globe reaching also a top 10 spot on This is Only Rock Radio’s chart.

SEA: The near could be far away, the distant be so close when two lonely hearts beat to the same rhythm. So, is it the distance or the lack of it? While chewing on that, one could remember the relationship of Simone and Jacques Clouseau.

TO DO LOVE: It is what they always wanted. Everyone, everywhere and most of

the time. A simple love song.

SEA (JOKUJEKKU REMIX) is like mounting a fork to power socket and surviving it. Post-traumatic symptoms include (but not limited to) auditory hallucinations and paranoia. This one flirts elegantly with elements of electronic music and stretches the boundaries of various genres.


VAPPU – lead vocals. The storytelling songbird.

JUHIS – guitars, backing vocals. Melody maker, roots in rock bands Underground Attack and Freewheeler.

TEEMU – bass and backing vocals. Sound system, Timmy of all tricks; also known from Underground Attack and Freewheeler.

VILLE – drums and backing vocals. The DJ and club organiser of the group. His trademark drumming is heard on various records of groups such as Doghouse Band, Joss Cope, Prudence and Underground Attack.

Find & follow your Beautiful Animal:

Facebook: @beautifulanimalband /

Instagram: @beautifulanimalband /

Twitter: @BeautifulAnim17 /


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