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New Bands on #tiorrblog 09-15-2020


Genre: Indie Punk, Pop-Punk

Country: Germany

Label: Krod Records

Publisher: Krod

Press: Fleet Union (GSA), Krod Records (RoW)


Press Release


For Fans Of: PUP / Tiny Moving Parts / Modern Baseball

Skate, Punk and Heartbreaks are the first associations that come to mind whilst listening to Elm Tree Circle.

Released on May, 11th 2018 through Krod Records “The Good Life” is a wonderful piece of modern emopunk that inherits all the classic influences of their 2000s pop-punk heroes paired with a good touch of emotional lyrics, melancholic chords and distinct vocal lines that spin in your head after the first listen.



Press Release

Elm Tree Circle have evolved to a one of a kind fan favourite with their first single and top track “Feel The Burn“ gathering over 690 000 plays on Spotify since its release.

The press is equally impressed and shares great reviews for the band that has relentlessly been touring the whole world, playing shows in Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia whilst sharing the stage with such iconic acts as Pears, The Ataris and Such Gold.


“Flow” is about restlessness and the urge to move on. That’s why the song also doesn’t allow to sit still with it’s upbeat drums and catchy guitar riff.

Originally the band tried to play a song of the first album when they messed up and played this combination of drums and guitar instead. It was instantly clear that this was probably the best fuck up so far.


This single is about a single telling a story about “staying friends” with an ex. We’ve almost all been there…

You tell them how great you’re doing just to get that satisfaction and another reason to talk to them. After all you realize it’s just been part of this crazy addiction that got way out of hand.

A couple of cringe selfies and drunk texts later you begin to regret this quick and easy fix. Now you think there’s only one way out of this: A big trip to somewhere far far away. Just to clear your head.


RE L E A S E DA T E : 4 TH S E P T EMB ER, 2 0 2 0

Press Release


The song I Got It describes one of those moments life seems to kick you whilst you’re down. When everything goes to shits you just wanna say fuck it and burn the whole place to the ground.

Of course we are exaggerating but who can’t relate to that. The story in the song is about someone who just found a disturbing message on a phone.

Turns out it’s his/her partner’s phone who just lost an affair. A crappy way to find out that your partner was cheating. The story continues at a gas station where the downward spiral continues.

It’s a semi-fictional story that emphasizes the theme of our upcoming album “No Fomo” aka no fear of missing out.

Our sophomore album takes a spin at the modern phenomenon of never feeling enough in a world of constant connectivity in social media.

Gravity Machine

Gravity Machine are two members – multi-instrumentalist Niall Parker (from Devon) and drummer Bob Shoesmith (from Sussex) who combine a huge range of influences.

From the cornerstones of heavy rock, progressive rock, electronica and acoustic styles all adding to the band’s distinctive sound.

Losing his wife to cancer in 2016, and taking inspiration from Neil Peart’s “Ghost Rider” book (detailing the Rush drummer’s journey through grief), Niall wrote a large canon of material following this – “Creativity seems the best response to events like that – I’d pretty much stopped playing prior to this…but the songs emerged, one-by-one, each one adding it’s weight to their collective demand to be heard” Niall said.

Recognising that the wide ranges of genres and influences that the material covered required outstanding production expertise, Niall contacted Dartmoor-based producer Pete Miles (Martin Grech, Bring Me The Horizon, Canterbury, Architects) at Middle Farm Studios; who after hearing the demos offered to produce the album in a series of session spanning 2018 and 2019.

Performed primarily by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Niall Parker, the resulting album features drums from Bob Shoesmith, contributions from Pete Miles, vocalist Kat Marsh (Bring Me The Horizon, Choir Noir, We Are The Ocean) bassist/engineer Chris Edney and Niall’s daughters.

“This was not an easy album to make – I knew it had to have absolute, unshakeable integrity and authority – with that in mind, boldly crossing genres, or even using genres to portray specific emotions was an important creative step, liberating the approach to allow that goal to come through. Anything that didn’t serve the goal was ruthlessly discarded” said Niall.

Gravity Machine have released two initial singles – “Dreamtime” (played by Sarah Gosling on BBC Introducing Devon & Cornwall) and “It’s Summer” before releasing the album on the 31st March 2020 on their own Zyse Records imprint.

To date, the two videos have notched up nearly 160k views across social media platforms, mostly by word of mouth, and garnering interest across the world.

The album immediately started attracting interest from specialist media and radio stations and via social media – attracting an average of 1000 fans a month since the first single release.

The follow-up to “Red” is already in the writing stage, and pre-production starts later this year. The band are hoping to play live shows once venues are back open.


In summer 2017, Niall went to Sussex to jam with Bob – to reinvigorate their musical chemistry. Amongst two or three riffs taken up, “Lifting Mountains” emerged more-or-less complete from those sessions. Niall said “this song pretty much just came straight out the gates, as a completely realised song; everything that characterises my playing interweaving with Bob’s drumming was all there – all the musical chemistry and magic right there, in the room”.

Taking home an outstanding demo (captured by Broakoak’s Harvey Summers), Niall was able to expand on that original “guitars & drums” arrangement, adding lyrics that captured the feeling of having to greet and embrace loss. One of the easier songs to capture in the album recording sessions. “One song I’m really looking forward to playing live” Niall said.


Mitchell Kersley

Mitchell Kersley is an Alt-Country artist from the UK, who through his music, provides a modern take on traditional storytelling. He was born and raised in the British countryside and was exposed to variety of genres of music. However, as he got older, his musical taste began to gravitate predominantly to one genre in particular: Country. As soon as he was big enough to hold a guitar, he began learning and writing songs. In his teens, he dedicated his time to the study of music at both College and University. It was here after that he really honed in on his brand of Country sound.

He became profoundly inspired by the likes of Brad Paisley, George Strait, Chris Stapleton and Garth Brooks. A trip to music city in 2019 for the CMA Fest certainly cemented his deep passion for this timeless music and lit the fuse for the creation of his first EP: Dusk. His debut single and third track on his EP: “If You Need Someone to Love You” follows a somewhat more contemporary sound than some of the other tracks, with electric drums underpinning the fingerpicked melody of a hollow body guitar. The lyrical content revolves around someone who is desperate to give their heart away to another who does not necessarily want to take it.

Despite the message being one of potentially futile yearning; the song is a “get on your feet”, upbeat track that echoes the modern Pop-Country sounds of Nashville.

Facebook / Twitter @mitchellkersley

Instagram @mitchell_kersley


If you’re tired of that same old, pretend to smile love,

The kind that makes you feel like you’re not good enough,

If you’re not familiar with the notion of being swept off your feet,

And you’re missing the spark with each guy you meet

You may not understand the words I say, but believe me though

I’ll put it all on the line, I just want you to know

If you need someone to love you,

I’ll be right there if you want me to,

If you need someone to love you,

I’ll be right there if you want me to,

If you’re tired of being lonely, you can call me, you can call me,

If you’re tired of being lonely you can call me,

Someone to love you

When they don’t understand the shattered fragments of your heart,

And how to piece them together to stop you falling apart,

When you can’t find someone, who will let go of your past,

See I don’t care if I’m not the first as long as I’m your last

You may not understand the words I say, but believe me though

I’ll put it all on the line, I just want you to know

If you need someone to love you,

I’ll be right there if you want me to,

If you need someone to love you,

I’ll be right there if you want me to,

If you’re tired of being lonely, you can call me, you can call me,

If you’re tired of being lonely you can call me, you can call me,

If you’re tired of being lonely, you can call me, you can call me,

If you’re tired of being lonely, you can call me, you can call me

Someone to love you,

I’ll be right there if you want me to,

If you need someone to love you,

I’ll be right there if you want me to,

If you’re tired of being lonely, you can call me, you can call me,

If you’re tired of being lonely you can call me,

Someone to love you,

Someone to love you

Oscar Merry

Oscar Merry Excites With New Release ‘Cower’

London, 24/08/20

Bristol-born Oscar is flying with his latest release ‘Cower’, taken from his incredible debut EP ‘Unfurl’.

‘Cower’ seamlessly blends through genres to create a melting pot of individuality; unlike anything else. The sound has an infectious charm, driving rhythms and a melody that will make its home inside your head.

Oscar’s latest single is explosive. Taking influence from ‘Manchester Orchestra’ the track is distinct and energetic, the workout track of the EP. It’s bold, and Oscar’s fusion of sounds will leave you itching for another fix. Thunderous guitars, potent vocals and a build-up that will throw you from your chair.

‘Cower’ is the rock medicine your ears are craving.

Wild horse

Original Indie Band from East Sussex. Regularly Played on BBC Introducing.

“One of the most promising new guitar bands we’ve come across, Wild Horse just keep getting better.

Their song “CAN’T!” is further proof that well, they can!”

BBC Introducing – 27th May 2020

“I played a song called “Can’t” by Wild Horse out of England! These young guys kick so much ass!! OMG! You have to hear this!! I bet you start singing along to it upon hearing it for the first time. “Can’t” really set the mood of today’s show.”

Phil Dupuis of The Colorado Phil Show: June 3rd 2020

“This Band has copyright on creativity and clever. This Album, seemingly impossible, is Wild Horse’s best work and one of my favourite Albums of all time. As I promised, this Album is: SICK SICK SICK and so much SICKER than I ever imagined.

Wild Horse are a young, exciting English indie band whose albums & tracks have drawn favourable comparisons with some of the UK’s very best exports from critics both sides of the pond, but more than that it is establishing WILD HORSE as its own brand of Indie. At the end of 2019 their tracks were repeatedly played on BBC Introducing & in February 2020 they were invited to perform a live set, they have been a regular feature ever since.

Wild Horse are prodigious in every way, as Jack Baldwin (18), Older brother Henry (21) and buddy Ed Barnes (19) have just released their fourth album, “WE ARE IN AN IDENTITY CRISIS… BUT WE LOVE IT”. A monster release of 16 of the catchiest songs you are likely to hear this year. Expect the unexpected, from Pop, Classic Rock, Punky Reggae, Blue eyed Soul, Dirty Funk, Rap, Latin, and so much more. Yet it flows perfectly! Beautifully produced and highly recommended by critics on both sides of the pond.

The East Sussex boys are renowned for an exciting, powerful stage show, having honed their craft from an early age at all the iconic venues in London & the South East as well as several festivals, often playing the same stages as many of their heroes once did.

The reviews or their songs have been brilliant and extensively played on many radio stations worldwide. Their tracks & albums are available on all major platforms.

With many original tracks released and yet more still being written, there is no stopping their creativity & drive. Their live performance is an experience like no other with overwhelming presence and promiscuous energy which keeps audiences in the palm of their hands. Impressive considering their average age is only 19…

· Original British Indie Band.

· Two Brothers as Front Men.

· Formed for over 5 years & released 4 Albums & 3 EP’s.

· Average Band Member age still 19 years old.

· Played Live on BBC Introducing

· Biggest Influences – Rolling Stones, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Hendrix, Arctic Monkeys, The Hives.



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