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New bands on #tiorrblog 09-07-2020

As The Plot Thickens

As The Plot Thickens is a one man music project created by me, Michael Reeves from Tillamook, Oregon. ATPT was an idea with the sole purpose of creating great quality music from ideas I had in my head. There is no expectation of making a living from it. This project is purely for fun and music creation is my hobby. I play the guitar, bass and provide vocals. I started ATPT in 2016 after purchasing an Alesis DM8 electric drum kit. I began writing guitar riffs and tracked the instruments with a Tascam DP-02CF. I mixed and mastered the tracks with Audacity and still do to this day because of it’s simplicity. I produced about 10 songs and uploaded some to Youtube to share with friends and family. In 2017 I changed careers adn put music writing on the back burner until 2019. I had written a song that felt catchy and was easy to play and sing. That song was “Believe”. I decided after mixing/mastering the song and completing several others I I wanted to do something with my music. I decided to join Distrokid to distribute my music to streaming services worldwide. I joined BMI and Sound Exchange about a month later for royalty collection on top of what Distrokid collects for me. I will be donating my royalties to a local organization to help the homeless and those needing a helping hand. I recommend to any artist who is toying with the idea of creating music and getting it out to the world to do it now and not put it off. There is no better time to start.

Believe- This song is about never giving up or quitting when life gets hard. Keep your head above the water. Believe! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Another Day- This song is about suicide awareness. Seeing the signs and helping those who cannot help themselves.


Satellite is the band new single from uber cool indie fourpiece Matinee.

It is a story about a friendship of 2 lovers in space. Setting the story in space is also a metaphor to put things in perspective and realize that everything is quite small if we look at it from a satellite.

Released on Sep 4th, you can hear the single at:

Title: Satellite

Label : Neon Tetra Records

Catalogue Number: GB HLD 19 00069

ISRC: QMEU31613178

Duration: 3 min 43 sec

Release Date: Sept 4th 2020

What is the song about:

It is a story about a friendship of 2 lovers in space. Setting the story in space is also a metaphor to put things in perspective and realize that everything is quite small if we look at it from a satellite. There is also a hidden message around living in confined spaces, the 2 characters are questioning the real value of living a life in isolation. ‘And now you can drag me out of here’ yells the main character of the story, almost as a cry for help.


Anglo-Italian four piece Matinée present new album ‘Event Horizon’ produced by Billboard topping

producer Tony Doogan and Chris Geddes from Belle and Sebastian.

‘Event Horizon’ is a 10 track neon journey through 80’s influenced, keyboard based, indie-rock. Soaring keyboards and guitars chime with indie lyrics and big hearted, pop choruses.

Matinée are named after Franz Ferdinand’s hit song The Dark Of The Matinée, and they struck up a firm friendship when Matinée supported Franz Ferdinand on their Italian tour. Italy well and truly embraced Matinée and the support gigs lead to live offers from some major venues around the country, not to mention some huge radio support from national stations at home.

Matinée were nominated for Best International Act on the Amazing Radio Awards show in 2015 and also played live at the very cool Station Sessions at Kings Cross London, as well as many other key London venues including Death Disco (Creation Records; Alan McGee’s night), Jubilee (Carl Barat’s night) and the 100 Club.

Last year they played at the Un Altro Festival in Milan, opening for The Lumineers. Other support slots include Mystery Jets, The Futureheads, and British Sea Power.

Previous singles :

Give Up on Sunday : Video :

Summer Sun :



I’d really like to make you mine

And watch the world from a satellite

You said go, i have to go

And now i’m loosing control

You lift me up like a hurricane

I feel the blood running cold in my veins

You said go, i want to go

And i have lost control

(Bridge)I feel like that cause today is like Blue Monday

You said, “i’m sorry but we have no more to share”

(Chorus)And now you say “i don’t want to live like this. And I guess it doesn’t help you find yourself

We have lost the hope and the faith tonight

I can’t promise am staying by your side

Because, go, i have to go

And i think that is all

(Bridge)I feel like that cause today is like Blue Monday

You said, “i’m sorry but we have no more to share”

(Chorus)And now you say “i don’t want to live like this. And I guess it doesn’t help you find yourself

And now you can’t drag me out of here (x2)

And now you can’t drag me out and find yourself

I watch the world from a Satellite



What started in 2019 on Instagram with the idea of doing a collab track in the foreseeable future, surprisingly turned – two remixes and a couple of very promising shared song ideas later – into a real DUO project!

On the 24th of February 2020 Kay Burden and Some-E formed

Platronic – coincidentally on the EBM Day!

But how do they sound like? Well, imagine that Yazoo, VNV Nation and Roxette had met on a

party and decided to do music together… Sweet with Roughness!

Saksa-Suomi (German-Finnish) Duo Platronic captures the best of Futurepop, Synthwave, EBM,

New Wave & Synthpop of the 80s to create danceable, dreamy and daring sounds and melodies

that will burn themselves into one‘s mind.

Emotional Electronic Music #EEM that makes your heart beat faster!

PRIDE is the debut single of Suomi-Saksa (Finnish-German) synthpop duo Platronic. A

thrilling song about love, passion and inner conflict, influenced by 80‘s icons like A-ha,

Roxette and Yazoo. This emotional synthrock number is carried by the seductive voice of

Kay Burden and a very catchy synth hookline of sound tinkerer Some-E.

Platronic are

Kay Burden I singer/songwriter (Germany)

Some-E I composer/producer (Finland)

Social media links Platronic



Highly rated UK stoners RED SPEKTOR continue their resurgence with the release of their engulfing new single & video, Violet Sun, out Friday 25th September. The fuzzed-up threesome also drop their blistering new album, Heart of the Renewed Sun, on Friday 2nd October, via Kozmik Artifactz.

Coming at you from Stoke-on-Trent and born in 2013, heavy rock trio RED SPEKTOR have crafted a hard-hitting valve driven sound loaded with layers of psychedelic blues, which tips its cap to the late 60s and early 70s. With an abundance of groove stemming from a potent rhythm section driven by Jonny Esp on Drums and Rob Farrell on Bass, it leaves John Scane to deliver the killer guitar tones along vocals ripped right from his soul. In taking cues from early Sabbath and Purple, underpinned by the exhilarating flow of Jimi Hendrix and the musicality of Fleetwood Mac, RED SPEKTOR have cultivated an impressive live reputation and a legion of loyal followers.

So far, the band have successfully delivered a critically acclaimed EP and self-titled debut album, which was widely recommended by Metal Hammer, who cited the band as ‘continuing their ascension to the heights of stoner rock royalty’. A slew of successful tours and festival appearances with everyone from Ugly Kid Joe to Orange Goblin, Skindred and Hawkwind have also amplified the threesome’s profile.

RED SPEKTOR are now primed to release their second opus, Heart of the Renewed Sun, via Kozmik Artifactz label. Staying true to their roots by recording reel-to-reel, the band’s latest offering is tighter and harder, with psychedelic overtones and a clear songwriting focus that brings social commentary and further musical experimentation to the table. Loaded with their strongest material to date, the burly rockers are set to leave their mark.


TITLE: Violet Sun

RELEASE DATE: Friday 25th September

FORMAT: Video/ Digital Download / Stream

LABEL: Kozmik Artifactz DOWNLOAD LINK (for review only) –

BAND MEMBERS: John Scane (Guitar and Vocals), Jonny Esp (Drums), and Rob Farrell (Bass).

FOR FANS OF: Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac.

PRESS CONTACT: Garry Hutchinson / SaN PR

SaN Ltd | PR Representation | Promotion | Registered in England No. 5171652652

The Outlaw Orchestra

The Outlaw Orchestra this 4 piece from Southampton are bred from twin loves of rock

and roll and irreverence. They’re an ‘ because they’re very fine musicians and

they’re ‘ because they exude that Saturday night hell raising, foot stampi ng

escapism that you look for in live music entertainment. And entertainers they are.

They call their music “Heavy Grass” and it deserves its own name: it’s what you might

expect if Johnny Cash was on a boozy bender, picked up a banjo and plugged it throu gh ZZ

Top’s Billy Gibbons amp. A double bass topped with an Alligator skull, solid soul thumping

percussion backing up a front end of driving slide guitar topped off with a banjo and lap

steel. They’re a feast for eyes and ears, delivering home grown music laced with spirit from

every influence of the Deep South… Except it arrives through a veneer of very British

humour. What’s not to love?

Ask the biggest crowd ever pulled at Ramblin Man’s Rising Stage, or any of the audience

from their repeat invitations at the Sheffield O2 because, from club stage to festival stage,

their magic keeps on working. From their first outing on a Planet Rock stage they graced the

same bills as The Darkness, Brothers Osbourne and supported Kris Barras on his 2018 UK


They’ve just completed their debut album having released two EP’s and both of the previous

offerings show what serious and precise musicians they are, but it’s live that they are a joy

to behold belting out their material interlaced with anecdotes and belly laugh stories. It’s

infectious fun. They’ll leave you with a sore foot from stamping, a sore face from grinning,

and a devilish bit of outlaw in your blood.



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