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Martina Doerner review: “It won’t change a thing” by Montana Musical Experiments P

Let me introduce you to the “Montana Musical Experiments Project” and the new album “It won’t change a thing”.

MMXP is a one man project founded 1996 in Lund/Sweden by Alexander Ahlstrand.

Started with home made tape recordings by using acoustic and unplugged electric guitars and a Casio keyboard, he sold a couple of self-produced cassette demos at local music stores in Lund. He then helped to form the psychedelic rock outfit Soundescape which released 2 CDs and was also joining the DJ duo The Mantra Brothers in 1999.

After focusing on making art and animation Alexander released the single “No Liberty”, a foretaste of the album which I present to you today.

The album“It won’t change a thing”without exaggeration is nothing for a cozy summer night and that you can hear on the side, rather, it requires the listener’s full attention. It sounds like a story being told, a story of protest and the fight against oppression in the Trump era.

“The Choice We Make”  is the start of a relentless billing with society and everything that goes wrong today. And this fight against oppression, paternalism and domineering rules runs through the entire album.

“Making Calls” is a song with a sick bass line

a bit in the Arabic style and it sounds like a call to a prayer.

“This little Piggy”.. take a nurse rhyme, work with it and you get a brilliant song with great lyrics.

“The Greater One”  a song about Donald Trump and very politic.

“No Trust” is about the political landscape in America and the feeling that nobody can be trusted. An epic end of the album with a fantastic guitar solo.

These are just a few songs from this fascinating album.

 However, it is not that you lose hope for improvement, it is rather an encourager who shows that it is always worthwhile to stand up and fight for your rights and never lose hope.

An album that is so completely different from everything I’ve heard so far and that will certainly not only leave a lasting impression on me but everyone who hears this impressive work

Get a picture of this really brilliant album, listen and remember that we can only change something if we stand together.



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