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Griffin Tucker Bio

How does a young 15-year-old galvanized rock musician cracktoday’s music code of formulaic beats and electronia?  First, he must have a disobedient music spirit that can surpass the industry saturated by musicians chasing beats.  Second, he must obtain enough cultural significance as most famous rockers have done in stirring passion and deconstruction of the norm.

Griffin Tucker and his “no excuses” rock act doesn’t conform to his predecessors. Instead, he’s created his own musical path for his “GrifFANS”.

Griffin’s talent can’t be contained in a pop act. His legacy of stage experience started at 8 years of age and continued with a full cycle of alternating years learning to play each instrument of rock.  He plays just about everything.

Although voted as Texas Twenty Under Twenty guitar competition at the International Guitar Festival, Griffin’s first love is the drums!  But he is equally equipped on piano, bass and voice.  As a contestant on The Voice, Blake Shelton couldn’t believe when he whisked his chair around to see a very young talented rock guitarist accompanied by a mature voice characterized by riffs, emotion and control.

Not even of the age for a driver’s license, this young talent has thus far performed on the stages of NAMM, toured with Zendaya, Disney Channel star, The House of Blues, The Granada, The Gas Monkey, Gilley’s, just to name a few.  He was also selected to be in the Beatles documentary, “Scream & Shout: 31 Days That Changed America Forever” and was invited to perform in the UK at Westfield Presents.  Additionally, in 2016 and in 2017, Griffin won 3 categories at London’s prestigious Fab Charts Awards for best vocalist, best video and best song! In 2017 he was nominated by his fans to be Indie guitarist of the year in London and won by a landslide.

“Believe It”, Griffin’s debut CD, is set to drop in June of 2017.  And when you hear the modern twist he’s put on his own version of classic rock, you will wonder how many great musicians helped this album come to life? The answer is ONE & his name is Griffin Tucker: a very talented emerging rock artist that plays, sings and writes it ALL.


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