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Listen “Don´t Get Us Wrong” @NYCFactoryFast with @subzandesotre @taifreemusic @Ninonuts

Different approaches coalesce in a mix that leaps out at the listener with matchless grooves… Title – Don’t Get Us Wrong Release Date – 26 June 2017 Genre – Hip Hop / Rock Featuring Substance Abuse (Los Angeles), BenKasso (Atlanta), Rytious (Johannesburg, South Africa), Krosst Out (Toronto), Stabby Organs (Nanaimo B.C.), Tai Free (Brooklyn), and Ninonac (Germany) Featured Tracks – 01 – ‘Don’t Get Us Wrong (Remix)’ – Substance Abuse feat Tash 02 – ‘Drive’ – Tai Free 03 – ‘Nice and Easy’ – Ninonac 04 – ‘Gqumhelele’ – Rytious feat Barry Taurus 05 – ‘Go Get It’ – BenKasso 06 – ‘Don’t Pour Me Coffee’ – Stabby Organs 07 – ‘Life of the Party’ – Krosst Out Social Media / Links – Substance Abuse Tai Free h ( ) Ninonac Rytious BenKasso Stabby Organs Krosst Out New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2017


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