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Ivory Tower Project, a New York-based Classic Pop/Rock band, has released their sophomore CD entitled: ‘How Much More?’ Nominated in the Nashville Universe Awards, Josie Music Awards, Hollywood Music in Media and the Holland Red Carpet International Awards. Filled with 14 diverse tracks, there is something for everyone on this album. Available both digitally and on CD for retail purchase at: Amazon Music, Apple Music, deezer, Napster, You Tube Music, etc. With rave reviews and airplay on over 700 radio stations in 36 countries, over 1.5 Million lifetime streams on Spotify and over 500,000 views on You Tube.

Contact: Mark Regula ©2017 Guerrilla Records-NY


Everyone wonders “How Much More?” sometime in their life, but not everyone has been challenged like the members of Ivory Tower Project have been, making this a very fitting title for their latest album. The New York-based vintage rock band, led by Mark Regula (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, percussion, bass and drums) and Tony Novarro (guitars, backing vocals, bass, percussion, drums and engineering) and featuring the late lyricist: Johnny Jace, packs a powerful 70/80s pop/rock punch in its music. 1) How Much More? - Classic Rock (Progressive) 2) The Ides of March (Et tu Brute?) – Classic Rock 3) Gotcha’ (Full Length Remix) - Film Soundtrack (80s) 4) Ring Around Rosie – Power Pop/Rock 5) Way Too Late (Full Length Remix) – Classic Rock 6) Always - Power Ballad 7) When Friends Become Lovers - Pop/Rock 8) Please Tell Me - Rock & Soul 9) Woman of the Times – Film Soundtrack (80s) 10) Burning (Full Length Remix) – Pop/Rock 11) Surf Song - Film Soundtrack (60s) 12) You Can See It In My Eyes (Remix) – Power Ballad 13) Le Dare Un Aníllo A Rosí - Latin/World/Pop 14) My Name (DJ Distortion Remix) - Electronica/EDM

Writing songs in the vein of Foreigner, INXS, Boston and Styx, Ivory Tower Project was formed in the 1980s and members have seen their share of tragedies through the years. Johnny Jace passed away in 2003 and the lyrics in ‘How Much More?’ are some of his last. The group’s original drummer; Sal DiAngelo died in 1983. A serious car accident in 2009 left Mark Regula barely able to walk and suffering from chronic pain. Still, Regula has persevered and kept Ivory Tower Project alive and growing. Longtime collaborator, friend and studio guitarist: Tony Novarro stepped up and became a strong partner.

The album title, ‘How Much More?’ refers to the various challenges the band has faced in life and came through. “In life, you sometimes find yourself waiting for a good thing to happen or a bad thing to end,”

Regula said. “It’s like, ‘How much more can we take?’ That sentiment resonated with me and Johnny” (former songwriting collaborator). “The struggle can be tough, but it can also be important in that, if you don’t give up, you learn something.”


“An ambitious rock album with overtones of the classic period of the 1970s and 1980s… this is as close to major label quality as an area release ever gets.” ~ John Blenn on Good Times Magazine – [New York]

"(ITP's) latest recording 'How Much More?' really is a tour de force encompassing a variety of music styles around a core theme of Classic American AOR...At times you are listening to a reinvention of classic American Rock before being taken on a journey back to the days of extended 12" remixes or an adventure through inspired guitar solos that shout out 'Prog Rock!' album that is a credit to their talent and creativity.” ~ Keith James Sinclair on ELO/Beatles Forever [Manchester, UK] “(ITP’s) shared love for the music of Styx, Queen, Foreigner or Boston has helped shape this album; ‘How Much More?’…The title track that starts life as an emotive piano ballad accompanied by crying guitar lines. But it does not take that long before those Melodic Rock references are coming to the fore” ~ Peter Cox on Your Music Blog [The Netherlands]

"As far as albums having a genuine message behind the music, look no further because Ivory Tower Project’s: 'How Much More?' has it covered and then some...the 14 compositions emit a retro vibe complete with expertly crafted intros, instrumental solos and vocal work, while a tightly percussive bass and drum battery holds everything together. But this is just the beginning

of a deeply, heartfelt story." ~ Paul J Wolfle on: Music Interview Magazine [New York]

"Ivory Tower Project’s style is a throwback to the expansive sound of bands like Styx and Kansas. The band recently released their album 'How Much More?', which is textured rock without the formulaic hooks. This is the kind of layered music meant for listening. And Tony Novarro gives us some killer guitar riffs". ~ Darcia Helle of SoundwavesReview.Com [Florida]

“Their ability to mix styles and influences gives a unique sound to their genre and, although it may sound familiar, it’s completely new…I really do love the guitar riffs! (So 70s and 80s classic rock)” ~ Cat Hennebury of Cat’s Doghouse – [BC, Canada]

“(‘How Much More?’) is a fantastic synopsis of emotions you will experience in your lifetime, regardless of your age, gender, beliefs, etc… it literally has something for everyone... the mix of genres keeps this album fresh and interesting regardless of what music you are into…Their

music really could be the soundtrack to anyone's life with a funky little twist, that only they can do.” ~ by Italian Metal Queen of: Darkland

Promotions [Seattle, WA]

“Opener: ‘How Much More?’ already cuts right into it. The intro is quiet, but the song tilts through the heart-rending vocals of Mark Regula. In everything you hear that he feels what he is singing. And then flaming keyboard and guitar solos that the song progress to. On “The Ides Of

March (Et tu Brute?)” The duo rumbles through musically like Queen in their early days.” ~ by Hans Ravensbergen of Rock Portaal [The Netherlands]


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