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COREIGN is a Swiss Progressive Hard Rock Studio Band Band Name COREIGN (Brittnau, Switzerland, Europa) Band Members Curry (voc, dr, k, b-voc, composition, lyrics) Reti (k, g, b, voc, b-voc, composition, lyrics) Genre Progressive Hard Rock As a composer couple, they however write songs across many Genres and it thus is very common for them to release also compositions and songs like Symphonic, Ballad, Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk and many more, and in any blend and sort of cross-over style containing Gothic, Classic, Film and Musical and other elements. Band founded in June 2016 (former CORE, March 2014 to March 2016) Discography * Album Equality (released Nov 2016, 13 Songs) * Album Affinity (released Sep 2016, 14 songs) * Album Sphere (released Aug 2016, 13 songs) Videography COREIGN has not produced any Band Videos so far. It is however their plan to present also Videos in the future and first test projects have been done under the old Band Name. Actual Works / Presentations * Radio Shows, Airplay and Rotations on 52 Radio Stations worldwide. * Production of the Jingles for the Radio Shows “Welcome To Heaven” and “Welcome To Hell” for DJ Diablo. * Recording their 3rd Album soon to be released. Special Information * In fact, COREIGN is a studio band. Curry and Reti compose, arrange, play, record, mix, master and produce all by themselves. As a Studio Band they do not perform “on stage”. They thus are dependent to being broadcasted by Radio Stations in order to get heard. * Curry and Reti are a married couple since July 2014. Homepage Contact


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