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Dimaggio Jones


Lincolnshire and Yorkshire based four piece bandDimaggioJones were formed in late 2016 by two friends. Joe Devlin from Lincoln, Lincolnshire and Joe Flynn from Sheffield, Yorkshire. The last two members Hugh Boyd andEthan Holmes from Nottingham and Birmingham.

Their sound is a mixture of electronic indie dream pop mixed with a tropical vibe. The boys are multi-instrumentalists and like to change it up as much as they can.

Joe Devlin was working on a solo project when he came across Joe Flynn via a video on the net… He was perfect for the project JD reached out to JF this was the beginning of DiMaggio Jones. Later on after JD and JF had some time in the studio, Hugh and Ethan where brought in to complete the line-up.

JD has appeared in several films and TV shows including ‘ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS’ starring Johnny Depp, ‘The Lady in the Van’ starring Maggie Smith, Harry Potter, King Arthur, Black Mirror, Obsession October Films, ‘HEAD and SHOULDERS’ TV advert USA and UKetcetc

The name DiMaggio Jones comes from JDs father’s band circa 70/80s when he was living in NYC. He took the name from Joe DiMaggio NYYankees baseball player.

Dimaggio Jones first single ‘T SHIRT’ taken from their forthcoming album is released through Billberg Entertainment and is already attracting industry interest.

Their music combines the sounds of '80s radio pop, atmospheric synths and guitarsand soaring vocals from JF.

Welcome to DiMaggio Jones


In California was writen by Joe Devlin whilst he was in Los Angles after attending Burningman festival. The idea of the song came from seeing the people of LA creating various forms of art, the vibes the city gave him and the ups and downs of an artists journey.

There was so much creativity happening around Joe D that he had to get involved so he started to speak to people performing around the city to find out their story's and even though everyone had there own unique and individual story to tell it all camp back to the same ending... We all want a break, a chance to tell a story through an artistic form... And this is DiMaggio Jones's "In California Story".

When Joe D landed back in the UK he went straight into the studio to record the song and play around with new ideas, sounds and melodies. Joe D knew what he wanted to do and say in the song. After he finished the track he got Joe Flynn in to the studio to ley the vocals down and really took the song to the next level and brought it to life.

Now DiMaggio Jones has a full line up, Joe Flynn (vocals), Joe Devlin (guitar, vocals), Ethan Holms (bass, guitar), Hugh Boyd (drums) they all so excited to be releasing a track that really tells their artistic story.

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