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Lori Jean

Lori Jean Music Bio

Lori Jean Finnila is an Award Winning Singer and Songwriter from The Akademia for Best Country Song Sept. 2017' for her song "Is It the Time" Feb. 14, 2018 worldwide release. She writes from her angels ever since she almost died from brutal beatings 7 years ago. She brings her strong intuition to her writing.

I was born from a mom born in Monte Palace, Portugal and descend from French royalty of Rouleau and Baillargeon, as well as Swedish, German, English, and Finnish admiring a champion runner of these cultures in my family. Though it was adamantly appointed to an upright bringing, defiance was in my blood to show the true rock n' roll roots I learned from.

First full sentence for Mom to plz play a record, almost dying from convulsions as a baby and toddler, and laying on the linoleum above mom while instructed to nap to music and a request from mom for her to sing left her destined to music.

Personal experiences broke detainment and brought ignition to use her craft when she was injured with her hands, head, and back. The motion of wheels rolling in her body and mind began when she remembered her connection to music as a youngster when her son insisted she return to college. Her magic with words and her personal style of animation exploded and 'Lori Jean' was born. With dark melodies and harmonies skipping beats above and behind one another, her sultry, raw vocals leave room for the music and adds peaks at times. She keeps up to her strumming mind by creating original guitar and piano riff tracks using midi technology. Being able to photograph so many different musical styles in her head, she came about with her own new type of alternative modern pop, folk, alternative country, and rock genre.

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