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HappilY EveR BlinD - YoU ArE DeaD Happy Rocking New Year! To start it with a bang let me introduce to you Heavy Groove Rockers Happily Ever Blind and their brand new 5 track EP You Are Dead. It is the 4th recording from the Helsinki based quartet and a swift follow up to their first full length album Pseudohappiness. You Are Dead is a dark ’n’ heavy, no frills display of the bands progression that maintains all the energy they are renowned for with a sound that’s bigger than ever before! The majority of You Are Dead was recorded over two days in September 2017 at Kujalandia Recording Studio with the help of renowned audio guru Kuja Salmi. The band played together in a room and tracked it all live to analogue tape, creating the true sound they really wanted for this release. You Are Dead was then masterd by the awesome Jaakko Virtalähde at Virtalähde Mastering. As always the music is pounding, raw and eclectic but this time with more focus and purpose than previously released material. Listen carefully to the lyrics and you might understand the anger and frustration permeating the grooves as the narrative is a no bullshit commentary on mans existence in the world. The Songs: Saturnalia - A twisted Christmas tale focusing on the true meaning of the holiday. It seems little has changed since the ancient debaucherous and barbaric winter solstice festival, Saturnalia. Strawman - We all have a Strawman, a fictitious legal entity created for us at birth that keeps us as life long debt slaves. You Are Dead - Ever heard of the Mandela Effect? This one's set in a reality where the world has ended and the collective consciousness of mankind has been uploaded to a super-computer.. and none are the wiser. Grinding Bones - Most of us know the mainstream media is a propaganda machine, but the "News" is worst of all. This one goes out to all the crisis actors out there. Yggdrasil -A long time ago a ship and her crew to journeyed to the mythical Norse portal between worlds, Yggdrasil. The You Are Dead EP is due for release in January and will be available for stream and download via all major digital music providers and also by physical product on demand. Thanks for your consideration and we hope we can help you in return by promoting your business across our social media platforms. Keep on rocking! view_as=subscriber

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