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“Treason Of The Monarchy”. A review by Martina Doerner

When two people meet more or less by chance on social networks and when both of them are even more than talented artists … then this EP comes out:

“Treason of the Monarchy”

It’s the brainchild of John Warwick, a fantastic singer/songwriter and Tim “Fishy” Fish, brilliant lyricist, songwriter and a punk out of conviction.

The result is something that nobody has expected and that in my opinion will hit like a bomb! Both are united by their love for punk music from earlier years, something that is seldom found today and so the guys decided … back to punk, classical but also modern.

Palace needs a new lick of paint; I’ll take your income tax.

Your all my fucking subjects, I’ll hold you on the racks.

Our blood blue, we’re better than you, you know that

Now chant my name, I rule this land forever, amen my lord

(Treason of the Monarchy)

The EP has everything you need if you love punk rock … and you can be sure that you will love it after you’ve heard it. Political issues as in “Treason of the Monarchy”, the anthem of the band, Views on life with and without drugs as in ” It Wasn’t You’, a wake up call to stand up for freedom which the song“Die Toten der Werwölfe” is about, “In the Coals“, about politics or “Head in the Shed” or“They Say”, a song about the need to be perfect for everyone , every song is up-to-date and a partly relentless reckoning with society, politics and everything that goes wrong in today’s world.

But even if it’s a socially critical EP, the wink of the eye is not neglected either, listen to “The Apprentice Has A Hard On” and you will know what I mean.

With the unique skills of both protagonists, the cheeky, fresh writing style from Tim Fish and the great music from John Warwick, these guys achieved something very special.

Entertaining and demanding, the topics of the time in a nutshell and all that paired with an unmistakable sound of punk. Beating drums, catchy lyrics, and a guitar work that is second to none round off this ep and make it one of the best I’ve ever heard.

In order to ensure that the very young fans can also hear the music, they decided to make two radio edits: “Treason of the Monarchy” and “On the Coals”.

Especially for a really big fan called #spitfirepete !


Written by Martina Doerner



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