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new single: ESCAPE WITH ME ELISA DUWEZ electro dance label IM Electronica

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Elisa Duwez is a French singer, songwriter and vocalist, born in the North of France,

she writes lyrics and makes vocals for djs, she has been collaborating with international djs :Mario Piu,

Massimino Lippoli, Joe T Vanelli, Beethoven TBS, Peter Kharma,Josh Feedback (Italy) Joel

Reichert,Brian Varak, David Ahumada (Argentina), Alex Andre, Diego Gredel, Fidel deejay(Spain), Maiax,

Luis Ache, E. Duque, Dhatura (Mexico),etc.. she has released several records, with different labels like Sony Italy, Dance Factory,(Emi Italy), NP music Italy, Pig life Record (France), Itchycoo Records( Spain), Warner Chappell Italy etc.. she speaks currently French, English, Italian, Spanish , she writes lyrics and sings in these languages…

Her other artist name is ‘Babette Duwez’ and many of her remixes are with this alias… she began to write poems and lyrics since she was a child and likes to express herself and her feelings with words and lyrics… she likes to play with words, and mix different languages in her lyrics, writing in Franco – English, or Franco Spanish etc…using the words she thinks as the more appropriate for each kind of music and creating little stories or giving messages of hope and positivy with her lyrics: ‘it’s a total passion and I’m totally devoted to it” she says 🙂 her favorite sentence is ‘CARPE DIEM’

She created her own style, and also makes ‘covers’ in her own style and her interpretation.

She likes to travel and she has been living in Milan, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Lille and Paris.

She has been singing in different ‘live’ shows as a vocalist in Europe, like Spain, Italy, France, and the

States, (in piano bar,discos, restaurants, pubs etc)

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‘Escape with me’ Elisa Duwez’s new single Electro Dance just released on all digital platforms, under the label iM Electronica. written in franco English , is a small positive message that Elisa wants to give to the world today, ‘Escape with me, come into my world’ change your philosophy, …. a little wink to dream to the people who in recent times have become a little ‘depressed’ letting oneself get a little too overwhelmed by external problems and bad news through the media, she tries to make them escape a little from everyday reality, ‘and to change their philosophy and their way of seeing things, ‘just try’ and also do understand that we can find a few ‘good vibes’ in the things of the daily, nature, a flower, the sun, music (of course) etc … make a smile to a unknown in the street, it can change the day and energy of a person, it takes to be happy …. this little message passed on a rhythmic electro dance music for the summer that makes you want to move, let’s escape with Elisa!

links where to find the song:


lyrics: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); echappe toi avec moi viens dans mon monde change ta philosophie suis moi viens on s’enfuit escape with me change your philosophy escape with me come on and follow me……. Elisa’s links



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