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The Flowered Gnomes is a four piece band that formed in 2014 in Queens, New York, USA. The band members are Terry Rohm (lead vocals, guitars), Lisa Umland (tambourine), Mike Murphy (drums) and Arnold Underwood (bass guitar).

Their original music is catchy and memorable and has a late 80’s, early 90’s rock feel with modern edgy vocals and fun upbeat hooks. Their sound is so catchy, they are sure to make you move your feet. Their song “English Cat” won the 2015 rock n roll radio music award for Best Rock Song on The Indie Music Channel in Hollywood, California. The following year at IMC 6th annual awards ceremony, their song “Chiara” was nominated Best Rock Song and the band was nominated Best Rock Band with their song “Make Me Feel Alright.”

They have released three albums – The Flowered Gnomes (2014), Make Me Feel Alright (2015) and Let’s Party (2015). They are currently working on their new album entitled “In The Garage” to be released in the Spring 2017. Their songs are getting solid radio airplay on internet radio stations globally


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