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The Delerium Trees: “Underneath This Sun”. A review by Martina Dorner @delerium65 @dorne

Today I have the honour to write about The Delerium Trees and their new EP “Underneath This Sun”

Drew Jarvis, the founding member of The Delerium Trees had to record this at his

Crackerbox House Studio due to Covid sheltering restrictions

After the last Album “Swimming With The Ghost Angels” now they bring out an ep that’s lighter in sound and mood but just as fantastic as its predecessor.

The Album

“America” a song by Leonard Bernstein, original melody, wonderfully varied with compositions by Drew, great brass music makes this song a masterpiece. Thrilling, invigorating, simply brilliant.

“Behind The Horizon”, starting up with a piano Sound, then the Synthesizer comes in, a modern and colorful tune with melodious lines in it.

“Catchy” the name says it all … a catchy sound with a great brass intro, good mood music, well written lyrics and a present, rewritten for the second birthday from the Sound of Spitfire Radio Station.

“Everywhere”, a sound that seems to float around you , meaningful lyrics about green issues and I love the trumpet coming up in the middle of the song.

“Underneath This Sun”, another happy song with very captivating lyrics, a song to feel good and a classical Trees sound.

Once again, this band has managed to produce a fantastic album that is in no way inferior to its predecessors. They again show the full range of their experience with the most varied Musical instruments, and it’s a lot more brass involved what makes it even better. The only thing to complain about is that there are only five songs, but it’s a reason to hope for more soon! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


The Delerium Trees with:

Heitor Alves – mixing and mastering

Zandra Tiitso – photography

BirnamCD – Logo-writing


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