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1997 Daniele Gorbini (bass guitar) and Ivan Lattanzi (voice/guitar) found a band called METAL MILITIA.

1998 After testing some musicians, they choose Roberto Rastelli (drums) and Lorenzo Pimpini (guitars) to complete the line-up. Release of their first EP “Mind is blind” in November.

1999 The band starts playing out of its region and goes on writing songs that will be recorded between December and January.

2000 Release of the second EP called “Existence” and change of the name into STEALTH. Rastelli leaves the band and will be replaced by Federico Governatori.

2001 Release of “Stealth”, the first full-length album of the band; tour with more than 30 shows between 2001 and 2002.

2002 Pimpini leaves Stealth to devote himself to soloist projects; Nazario Campofiloni, emerging musician of the area, becomes the first guitarist.

2003 The band restores its live activity and starts writing the 9 songs that will be recorded in the studios of ZdB, an independent label from Latina that works with professional and unsigned artists. After recording sessions Governatori decides to drop. It’s Mirko Antolini the new member, the ideal drummer for the sound of the band.

2004 Release of the second album “Check this out !”

2005/2007 The “4 maniacs” start playing to promote the new album but during the summer 2006 Campofiloni decides to leave the band. In a few months Marco Scocco is identified as the new temporary guitarist and he allows Stealth to finish the tour including some shows in northern and eastern Europe.

2008 Release of “Cover this out !”, a cover project album including songs the band was playing at the beginning and some 80’s and 90’s remakes.

2009 Just after starting the “Cover this tour !” Marco Scocco leaves the band. After 7 years of music alone Lorenzo Pimpini decides to be reunited to Stealth. It’s a new beginning……

2010 New change! David Gasparetti, metal drummer of the area, replaces Antolini.  Tour with various shows in Italy and Europe. At the end of the year release of “Alive for the live”, live album recorded in Kiev on october and published by CPSR/Venus 

2011 Release of the single “Boiler”

2012 After some gig in Italy the band starts recording the new album

2014 Release of ‘Fight For Your Faith’ published by Sliptrick Records

Stealth is:

Daniele Gorbini            Bass/Background vocals

Michele Cipolletta        Drums

Lorenzo Pimpini          Guitars/Keyboards

Ivan Lattanzi                        Vocals/Guitars/Gtr Synth/Background groove

@stealthband1997  (twitter)


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