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Spyder Darling blends the attitude of punk with the power of hard rock and a touch of glam. His career has criss-crossed the USA and included gigs at the Whiskey, Roxy and Gazzari’s with Gung Ho and the Road Vultures during the  ’80s in LA and a few years later with Young & Fabulous and Detox Darlings. But he managed most of his success (Two entries in the US Top 200) as a solo artist.  ‘Greatest Hits” represent songs written throughout his career with new mixes of the aforementioned 2 hits ‘New York Walkabout’ and ‘Just So I Can Sleep’.  Nobody summed up Spyder darling better than Madonna: ’Spyder is a N.Y.C mainstay, second only to Lou Reed’.


“True punk sound, nice vocals and raw sounding guitar solos.”–Gary Vachon, Independent/Village Voice

“From the first time I met Spyder Darling till today I can only say ‘upward spiral’ talent, professional and always a game changer “–Rew Starr, N.Y.C radio host.

“Spyder plays with a joyous abandon that’s simply infectious, loud, fast and spirited”–Otto Luck,

“I’m happy to say I have known Spyder for many years . His music can only be described as untainted  rock and roll.  He does not conform to what’s happening to music,  Spyder holds his place.  That place is rock and roll for all yesterdays and all tomorrows” Genya Ravan

Track listing:

1-      And It Rains  5:47

2-      Back To Hollywood  3:29

3-      Beer And Pills  2:17

4-      Case Of The Six Pack Blues  3:50

5-      Just So I Can Sleep  3:42

6-      New Your Walkabout  4:11

7-      Roses Over Manhattan  4:16

8-      Sealed With A Kick  3:01

9-      Show’s Over  3:40

10-   Snub Nose  3:02

11-   Waiting For Sandy  4:02


Spyder Darling: Vocals, guitar, bass, piano

Nelson Montana: Drums


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