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“Shocking Blue” From @NYCFactoryfast @viajester @bfwmusic @agedteen and more on www.only

“Thick and abiding, this mix is driven by ultra cool riffs and Hard Rock that echoes with amplified muscle…” Title – Shocking Blue Release Date – 10 July 2017 Genre – Hard Rock / Grunge Featuring Vie Jester (Los Angeles), Aged Teen (Naples, Italy), Broken Factory Windows (Atlanta), Somewhere Between (Bend, Oregon), A New Nowhere (Newcastle UK), Nein Lives (Brighton, UK) and Quorum (Okehampton UK) Featured Tracks – 01 – ‘Manifest’ – Vie Jester 02 – ‘Speak Less’ – Broken Factory Windows 03 – ‘Shocking Blue’ – Aged Teen 04 – ‘Smoking Gun’ – Somewhere Between 05 – ‘Come Home’ – Nein Lives 06- ‘I Disappoint You’ – A New Nowhere 07 – ‘Run’ – Quorum Social Media / Links – Vie Jester Broken Factory Windows Aged Teen Somewhere Between Nein Lives A New Nowhere Quorum New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016


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