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Ronn van Etten : singer, songwriter, producer, musician & poet

Ronn van Etten (Voorburg, the Netherlands, 1955) started making music when he was 10 years old.

He is a vocalist, plays guitar, and knows to play keys, drums and bass.

Throughout his life he played in pop bands and has been performing in duo, trio, or solo, covering pop music and/or playing his own songs. In 2019 and planned for 2020 he did a Eric Clapton tribute on Cyprus.

His first original album “Stil en Verwonderd” (= Silent and Amazed) was released in 1995, with songs with Dutch lyrics, inspired by expecting- and the first years of his two daughters.

In 2015 his DVD “Getekend” (=Drawn) was released, with 14 music video clips, inspired by and showing/using superb drawings of artist Joyce Koomans and these songs were also in Dutch. In the same year he released his double-album , “All Sorts … One Guy”, released October 2015. The songs on this album (as the title points out) are of all sorts: funk, pop, country, reggae, even some jazz and lounge.

His 2016 English album “Shades of Blue’s”, was inspired but not restricted to blues, but also inspired by many not always positive things happening around the globe.

In 2017 a new Dutch album was released, called “Een Leven Lang Liedjes” (= A life Long Songs). From this album 25% is donated toa Dutch cancer foundation KIKA.

Ronn’s 2018 English album (again a double album) is “WAVES”. The songs “Sometimes a good cry”, “Steal time” and “Fear” are from this album. One CD contains recently written and recorded songs, the second (bonus) CD has re-mastered demo’s of bands Ronn played in.

In December 2019 his new album was released: “61 – Etched in Memory”, with “Speak Out” on it and in December 2020 his latest album came out: “Black White Colours”.

Want to know more? Check out the website for lots and lots of (background) information, gig-dates, photo’s, video’s and other info.


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