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Nubian Red

Born Sherika Harris in Kingston, Jamaica, May 13, 1984. Her early influence

in music spans various genres including reggae, jazz classical music and

rock. Nubian Red is on her journey with the sounds of JamRock, a fusion

of the eclectic Jamaican sounds with other genres.

Her first single “What You Say” was released in 2016 with great reviews

embracing her beautiful voice and unique music style. This was then

followed up with “Lost Thing” in 2018, a soulful Rock sound that is equally

aurally inspiring. In 2019 came her release of “Freight Train”, a powerful

Rock fusion focusing on Karma and how she works to balance the scales

of justice.

The name Nubian Red stems from her ancestry, she is a descendant of

Maroons, a people quite similar to the Nubians who are strong and of

Nomadic spirit. The choice of the colour Red is recognition of the bold

energy of the blood that connects humanity; we all run RED.

Nubian Red looks to the future positively while spreading a message of

Love and Light (enlightenment) through her music and the Nubian Red



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