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Martina Doerner’s review: “Caricature” by The conteracts @dorner_martina @theconte

Today I want to introduce you to The Counteracts, a collaboration between Simon J. Biscoe and Doug Smith, based in Kent, UK.

They have been making music together since January 2015 and vary between their own and cover songs. Their first album “The Curse Of The Counteracts” was released in 2018 and now the second album is out


The Album:

“Caricature (Intro), what a great start for the Album, after the first tones you look forward to more.

“Spanish Fly”, asong you want to dance to and the castanets fit perfectly, I like the very harmonic backing vocals in this song.

“Life Is Unreal”, one of my favorite tracks. A harmonious melody and very well chosen lyrics. Fits perfectly in this time where everyone wants to be young and hip.

“Love Plays These Silly Games”, a song about love and everything that goes with it, good and bad. Well sung with a groovy piano riff.

“Hold Me Tight”, after the first few bars you already bob your feet,

“Strange Girl In My Dreams”, a silent song with a great sound and a very nice guitar solo, I like especially the part of backing vocals they do in this song.

“I Can Never Win”, a song with a wink, humorous yet with a more serious background, the melody, paired with a few reggae influences gives a good flow.

“A Place In My Heart”, another wonderful love song, coherent lyrics and great vocals, reminding me of the Beatles.

“The Disenfranchised Blues”, a critical look at the different parties and the election fatigue of the people, a very political song in blues style.

“The Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Name”,

sad song about lost love, which shows that the Duo can also strike quite serious notes.

“Incurable Romantics”, my second favorite song from the album, I love the lyrics and the catchy melody.

“The Witches‘ Waltz”, more spoken than sung and performed great, kinda spooky and I love when the verse passes into the choir.

“Whistling All Alone”, again a bit calmer with fantastic instrumental elements and a great solo in it.

“Caricature -Reprise”, makes the album end as it begins, absolutely worth a listen. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

With their second work, Simon and Doug again managed to produce a fantastic album.

Songs that life wrote, sometimes sad, often funny and with a touch of humor. It never gets boring to listen to the great voices of the guys and and the way they deal with their instruments. A successful mix of lo -fi and Brit pop. You can really find all moods here and all this accompanied by catchy melodies, very good lyrics and absolutely harmonious instruments.

Highly recommended and I am sure you like it as much as I do.


Written by Martina Doerner


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