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Martina Doerner interviews Bomba, musician from Stuttgart @bomba_378 @dorner_martina #tiorrblog

Today I am looking forward to an interview partner who lives “around the corner”: Bomba from Stuttgart

Welcome and thank you for your questions and answers

It would be nice if you could introduce yourself briefly.

Hello I’m BOMBA, 35 years old and a talented music artist from the Stuttgart area who has a vision. My genre is Latino Pop with a mix of 2 languages.

How did you get into music?  Was it a dream you had as a child?

I liked singing in the shower when I was a child, or on my way to the football training

At 16 we had a band that covered Backstreet Boys on firm.  After this time there was a break of a few years.  Until I decided to do something of my own, write my own texts and record them.

Tell us about the creation of a song, do you think of the lyrics spontaneously or is it a longer process?

My songs are about things I’ve experienced, from negative to positive.  I always try to process it and hope to be able to help people or to make them dance.

I’m writing my texts always really fast, but I’m usually never satisfied and always try to make it perfect.  It is different, there were texts that were finished in a few hours and others just a few days or even weeks.

 Are there certain artists that inspire you?

Yes, of course, Pietro Lombardi is one of them.  It inspires me that he knew he wasn’t the best singer but he did it out of passion like me.  That was his success and everyone saw it.

You mix German and Portuguese in your songs … that makes your music very unique .. how did you come up with it?

First of all, I didn’t want to do anything that everyone is already doing.  Nowadays you only stick out who you do your own thing in your own way and best of all what brings new things to the market.  Since I knew there was no such thing, I thought it was a good idea. It was also important to me that I don’t imitate anything so that there is no headwind. The hardest thing now is to convince people.

Do you have role models or musicians with whom you would like to be on stage?

Sure, I would  like to play with Maluma, Nicky Jam, Ariana Grande, Luis Fonsi, Kay one or Pietro Lombardi, because I think that you can combine them well and end up with something awesome.

And when you’re on stage, what about stage fright?

I remember my first appearance where I wrote a song for my sister for her birthday.  When I wanted to sing it at their party, I had a complete blackout and couldn’t do anything.  That got me ready and then I worked on direction. The next gigs were also very nervous, but it was mastered.  Today I enjoy it on stage and hardly feel any nervousness because I really enjoy seeing everyone singing and dancing.

What do you do when you’re not making music?  Do you have hobbies or do you still have time to pursue them?

I like to spend time when with my family or friends and life partner. Unfortunately there is usually not much time for hobbies because I always work on new projects. But when there is time I like to do sports or go swimming to switch off from everyday life.

 What kind of music do you like to listen to?

So I actually hear everything across the bed as long as it sounds good. But currently I prefer pop, reggae, dancehall and rap music.  It is important to me that I can be reflected in songs.

Is there a specific place or location where you would like to perform?

To be able to appear on Ibiza or Spain and Portugal would be a dream. A big festival would also appeal to me, otherwise in the Schleyer Halle in Stuttgart. I will continue to work hard to make my dreams come true.

What do you think, how much do social media influence music and how active are you there?

I think social networks are the most important thing today, it would probably not be possible without them. The problem is that there are too many artists and the hardest thing is to stand out from everyone else. I am very active in social networks so that I can present myself and my brand.

Is there anything in the music industry that you would like to change if you had the opportunity?

Definitely! What annoys me is that you can’t get over it without investing in marketing and promoting. And every artist who starts over has not made yet the big money,so how can he promote his music well?

You can be the best singer but without putting a lot of money nobody will find you.

And the big labels mostly work with artists who has already built up something. So the question arises what can the talented do who simply don’t have the money? They perish or are never discovered.

Are there things that really make you angry and what is it that makes you totally happy?

I get angry when people speak my music badly without seeing the work behind it. Above all, it is always people who have achieved nothing themselves. Can such people judge others who make an effort and work hard for it? Don’t think….

I am totally happy when I am on stage and see everyone join in, move and sing out loud.  It always makes me proud to see how people share this happy moment with me.

What are your plans, what can we expect next?

Next up is a first big event on May 9, 2020 where I can share the stage with the star singer Emanuel Oficial from Portugal. It makes me proud that I get the opportunity after 1 year. Before and after as always, new projects will come out. In the fall I will take a break and make an album for next year.

Thank you very much for this really interesting conversation and all the best for your future projects.

Written by Martina Doerner


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