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VoTraster, derived from the words “Doceavo y Traste”, meaning Twelfth Fret, area Thrash Metal band from Panama. Their goal is to bring the genre to a whole new level by using various influences ranging from classic thrashright through to contemporary and modern metal.

The band have recently released their debut single, Who Cares, which is available at all major online music stores, and are currently in the process of recording a second single and five-song EP.

They are also actively playing gigs around their home country of Panama, with plans to move further afield in the future. Previous gigs include the Wacken 2017 Metal Battle Centro América (finalists), The Rock Fest in Panama City sponsored by Odebrecht Panama and Fansfight sponsored by Converse Panama.

The members of the band:

Samir Gutiérrez – Rhythm guitar

Marco Luque – Lead guitar

Jhair Quezada – Vocals

Dylan Zuñiga – Bass

Marco Ricord – Drums

Where they can be found:

Their debut single, Who Cares, can be downloaded from their website or viewed on YouTube using the links below.

A live performance of their upcoming second single, Outlaw, can also be found on YouTube using the link below.

Points of contact

ALM Records –


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