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Limberlost- Bio

Limberlost is a  Female fronted Power Rock band from the Pacfic Northwest!!  There goals are simple and straight! Write and produce great songs with Powerful Vocals , Meaningful lyrics, Addictive Hooks, Edgy Guitars and Tenacious Grooves! Songs that translate from studio to stage!  Songs that represent the soul of the band! Formed in late 2010, original members, guitarist Ricky Dunn and drummer Mike Burt started to form a vision and create the foundation of the bands mission. Along with a lot of song ideas… Thin Clouds was born among them but it just wasn’t clicking. 2013 enter vocalist Krystle Pyette and the tumblers all fell into place. She was the power punch and collaborator the songs needed! These three together generate a very rare song  writing chemistry. 2016 the band was complete with addition of Bassist Ben Beman who brought an instant lockdown to the Rhythm Section and a versatility that is allowing the band to explore new horizons.  In Late 2016 after several single releases working with producers David Smith and Scotty Olsen from Crash Bang Booom Productions, the band hit the ground running! Keep your eyes and ears open! New songs and shows always in the works!

“It has been a long time since I saw a band that, out of the gate, just blew me away. LIMBERLOST did that. Every song had me mesmerized and held my attention. The rhythm section was tight…the lead guitar sound was powerful, crunchy and well executed- as well as tasty riffs…and Krystle? Well, just wow!!!! Born front person…great vocals…great presence… Our music industry is filled with mediocricy and cookie cutter/copy what’s hot bands…nice to see something fresh. The songs were well crafted and arranged and the show was put together well. “ – Raymond Hayden /Maurice the Fish Records.

Limberlost is:

Krystle Pyette – Vocals

Ricky Dunn – Guitar

Ben Beman – Bass

Mike Burt – Drums


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