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Listen “Below Blue Earth” @NYCFactoryFast @jjmcguiganmusic @Geary_Nelson ScrewtapeMusic

“Not only do the songwriters make you want to strum along, but they tell splendid and authentic stories… “ Title – Below Blue Earth Release Date – 3 July 2017 Genre – roots / acoustic Featuring JJ McGuigan (Wichita, Kansas), Screwtape (Ontario, Canada), Osborne Jones (Los Angeles), Andy Zovko (Canada), Geary Nelson (Arkansas, USA), Blue Ribbon (Virginia, USA) and Lee N. Sage (Detroit) Featured Tracks – 01 – ‘Home’ – JJ McGuigan 02 – ‘Continues to Burn’ – Geary Nelson 03 – ‘Fanny Pack For C.C.’ – Screwtape 04 – ‘You’re You’ – Blue Ribbon 05 – ‘Pastures’ – Lee N. Sage 06 – ‘One Little Candle (Death Toll Blues)’ – Andy Zovko 07 – ‘Down To Austin’ – Osborne Jones Social Media / Links – JJ McGuigan Geary Nelson Screwtape Blue Ribbon Lee N. Sage Andy Zovko Osborne Jones New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2017


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