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Baleful Creed from Belfast, Northern Ireland, started in early 2009 when Fin and John got together to play some cover tunes, just to blow the dust off the old guitars and amps. The covers didn’t last too long through with Fin starting to write some original material to try out instead. Knowing John was a huge fan of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Fireball Ministry, they became the core influences as the pair worked on the fledgling songs. The goal – to create head nodding, foot tapping chunky riffage with powerful vocal lines. The debut EP – ‘Killing Time’ surfaced at the tail end of 2009 before a change in recording studio and working with Neal Calderwood in Manor Park, lead to the sonically improved follow up EP’s – ‘Buried Beneath’ in late 2011 and 2012’s simply titled ‘III’ EP. At this stage, all three EP’s were only available on the band’s Bandcamp digital online store. With increasing interest from fans both online and at gigs asking for a hard copy CD, the band took the decision to merge the last two Manor Park EP’s, remix and remaster them into a full debut album for final release on CD. The self-titled debut album was delivered making a stand that this is Baleful Creed! It packs in the head nodding tunes with a huge guitar tone, the whiskey soaked bluesy vocals backed by powerful bass and drums. Throwing in other influences from Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Kyuss – Baleful Creed were intent on hitting audiences with a huge sounding Hard / Stoner Rock – dare we say ‘Heavy Grunge’ assault. The CD album was released on 29 December 2013. The second half of 2014 saw both Davy and Dave revamp the engine room of the band. Baleful Creed were back out firing on all cylinders touring on the back of the debut album delivering the BC tunes in fired up performances, and working towards building a new set of songs for the next album. Writing and recording in sessions each quarter over the 2016 year – the band are proud to announce the arrival of ‘Seismic Shifter’, released on 6 June 2017. Naturally the band returned to Manor Park Studios to capture their huge sound. ‘Seismic Shifter’ develops the BC sound with new found deep groove and a darker energy that will leave you with that ‘Hell Yeah!’ feeling! The band have experienced many highs along the way, being humbled how their tunes have spread across rock stations from initially Northern Irish DJ’s to around the world. They have featured in international interviews and reviews in magazine such as Powerplay and Fireworks. A real highlight was playing as support to Bill Steer’s (from Carcass) blues rock power trio ‘Firebird’ in Belfast. Getting to grace the stage in the incredible Mandela Hall venue, Belfast as support to the American Ronnie James Dio tribute – ‘Rising’. Another goal is to return to the UK mainland, following their debut offshore gigs as finalists in the Hard Rock Hell – Highway to Hell 4 in Glasgow, and debut full gig as part of Wildfire Festival 2016 also in Scotland. Baleful Creed are the only band to be Top Ten finalists in two TBFM Factors (2012 and 2014) – beating off hundreds of other bands in tightly fought competitions. The only regrets by the band are not getting the chance to play their old favourite rock venue, the Rosetta Bar in Belfast was has sadly closed. Band: Baleful Creed Genre: Hard / Heavy / Stoner / Rock & Metal Online: Email: Band Line Up (From Left To Right in photo) Fin Finlay: Vocals / Guitar John Allen: Guitar Davy Greer: Bass / Vocals Dave Jeffers: Drums


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