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Lem Bio #tiorrblog

Lem Bio

Long time singer, songwriter and band member Lem is back from a long stint in Melbourne. With his first solo EP, “AjilA”, quietly released in November 2019 he’s been busier than ever. Being an acoustic player and growing up (musically) in the early 00’s metal scene in Perth certainly makes for an interesting mix. This eclectic mix of influences (from Something for Kate to System of a Down to Flight of the Conchords & Queens of the Stone Age) make for original and dynamic debut. AjilA is an odd collection of rock, folk, jazz and blues with a mild smattering of silliness. Being first and foremost a vocalist, the release is lyrically and melodically strong with a focus on rich harmonies. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Not content with solo projects Lem has also taken up the mantle of (co) lead singer for off-beat outfit The Terror Adaptors as well as quietly working away on some older projects. With a new single due to be released in the next few months and his first full length album on the horizon its seems there’s no rest for the wicked! Links view_as=subscriber



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