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Allow yourself into the endless cosmos of Kidd Nebula. Let the sounds and vibes of this Dutch self-taught solo musician take over your body and mind for an indefinable experience. What started as a small mellow bedroom-project turned out as an energetic Red Hot Chili Peppers –like live-act, with the sole-purpose to bring people together and forget about our earthly existence for an hour to just be and feel. Kidd Nebula’s self-named genre Swampy Swaus is a bad cover-up for not wanting to be tied down. The Kidd’s sound reminds mostly of Tame Impala; Gorillaz; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Prince and Mac Demarco. But since music (and live in general) is all about learning something new every day: keep exploring and re-inventing. This is why Kidd Nebula also is recording a hip-hop EP with his side-project Ecosystem and is he the co-founder of the local creative community Soulciety, that connects artist from all different arts and backgrounds. From the very first note Kidd Nebula takes the audience by the hand to show them around in his atmosphere with his energy, jokes and dance-moves. On the record it’s just a matter of making sure you have the right sound-installation and an open mind. “Be good to those around you, and be better to yourself. Peace and love” – Kidd Nebula Music (EP + Singles + Videoclips) EP’s: EP 1: Son Of Russ (2018) Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp: EP 2: DOPE (2018) Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp: Videoclips: Kidd Nebula – Isabella (2018, Son Of Russ EP): Kidd Nebula – Care For Living (2019, DOPE EP): Single: Kidd Nebula – SOLDYRM_ND Spotify: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Kidd Nebula Contact: simply sent a direct message on social media. It’s all good.. Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Music: Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Some Past Events Latest News At the moment there are no shows planned. For now Kidd Nebula is floating through vibes in several studio’s but mostly at home, making 2 new EP’s: one for Kidd Nebula and one for the side-project Ecosystem. Besides the new music coming up there will also be some reorganization in the live-performance. Updates will be announced on social media.



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