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Promo-Sheet INFERNOTION Habits [Release date: 15th December 2017] Basic Information Year of formation: 2012 Genre: Black Metal Location: Berlin (Germany) Release date: 15th December 2017 Release format: Slim case Special Edition with Lightscribe disc printing (4 units) Members: Peisestratos (Guitars/Vocals) Sven (Session Bassist) Producer: Peisestratos Cover design: Kossi Homepage: Contact: About the album „Habits“ 1. Egotism | 2. Arrogance | 3. Envy | 4. Hypocrisy | 5. Collectivism | 6. Fear | 7. Faith Mankind’s greatest danger comes from itself: The story of the 2nd INFERNOTION album ties in with the result of an Unholy Insemination (described at the debut album). Plagued by a recurring vision the progeny of the witch strikes out to find its own roots. This search leads through 7 of the most harmful habits, whose real potential awakes when leaders and followers encounter. The bitter truth behind this mission: Revealing these habits has unleashed the evil incarnate. It is in all of us… Tracklist & Cover 1. Revelation 2. Center of the World 3. Waiting for Nemesis 4. Viscious Wishes 5. Master of Hypocrites 6. Uniform Will 7. Defective Instinct 8. Profit for the Prophet 9. Evil Incarnate About INFERNOTION Built on the ruins of a rotten society, INFERNOTION is the embodiment of resignation and frustration. However, the songs are more than pure raging grimness and decadent stupidity. What you hear is intense emotion, which is generated by having a close look at this sick place where we are living a.k.a. planet earth. But even the music of INFERNOTION is exposed to human abyss: No one can escape. The madness is uncontrollable and all around us. You have to abandon.


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