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In Peril

IN PERIL are a new, UK-based hard-rock band playing original music (with a few choice covers, of


Comprising four members – Hayden (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Ma( (Lead Guitar), James (Bass

Guitar) & Gary (Drums), the band has been established for around 18 months in the current format.

In October 2020, the Northampton based band recorded several of their original works and is

working to release these tunes into the wide-world independently.

The second single – Your Decision was released into the wilds of the internet on 1st December 2020.

Independently recorded, mastered and released by the band themselves at Fitdog Studios,

Northamptonshire, Your Decision is available now on all major streaming services.

The band have an acVve social media presence on Facebook & Instagram:-

Facebook - hXps://

Instagram - hXps://


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