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Grumpic Disease

Grumpic Disease is a band which was formed in 2016 in Antalya / TURKEY

Grumpic Disease is a name which represents serious diseases such as Plague,Cancer etc.

Also in a methaporic meaning it represents greed,anger kinda harmful instincts as diseases

Which mankind couldn’t get rid off for ages..

Which is why their official mascot EBOHA is a God Which is in the shape of a Plague Doctor which is

Also included in cover art of the single.

The band gathered with call of Emre Ozduzenciler which is the lead guitarist of the band.

Then Ali Eren Gul joined the team which is the drummer for the band. And then Batuhan Gezer

(the bass player) came around.After some other people came and pass the last members of the band were

Hakan Sezer which is rythm guitarist for the band And Onur Can Yildirim which is responsible for Vocals

With that the staff was complete and ready to burn the stage.In the following period group performed

in many events around Antalya. After that they started the working process for the album also they released their

first single Everfall in summer of 2018.

Now the band is about to release their upcoming album on summer of 2019. And it is planned to be awesome.. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

For Contact

Instagram :

@grumpicdiseaseband (Account of the Band)

Facebook :

Twitter :



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