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“Forge the Dream” from @NYCFactoryfast on

“Cranking up an elusive but flamboyant power, this mix is consistently exciting and inspired… “ Title – Forge the Dream Release Date – 31 july 2017 Genre – Rock / grunge Featuring Anagram Noise (Greensboro, North Carolina), Lee Williams (San Francisco), Uforia (Toronto), Chris Bolint (Chicago), Black Snak, After Alice (Jackson, SC) and Freelite (Polatsk, Belarus) Featured Tracks – 01 – ’99 Gold’ – After Alice 02 – ‘Fight Or Flight’ – Uforia 03 – ‘In a Glow’ – Freelite 04 – ‘Forge the Dream’- Chris Bolint 05 – ’Bad Beat’ – Black Snak 06 – ‘I’ve Got My Eyes on You’ – Lee Williams 07 – ‘Envy’ – Anagram Noise Social Media / Links – After Alice Uforia Freelite Chris Bolint Black Snak Lee Williams Anagram Noise New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

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