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Fonz Tramontano new EP. A review by @dorner_martina @musictramontano

Today I want to introduce you again to the fantastic Fonz Tramontano who just released his new EP ” Can you feel my love”.

Fonz is an indie/synth producer and artist from Sheffield/UK and he’s mixing and mastering all of his songs at Mileven Studios in Sheffield.

With this new album he has once again managed to produce something very special and I consciously say again because the previous four albums are a masterpiece of Synthpop too!

The Album:

“Can You Feel My Love” is a good start for a long night in the club. Just listening to it makes you want to go to the dance floor and enjoy the beats, a great mix between synth and the vocal parts.

“Watch Me Fall”, a song that should definitely be heard loud to feel the rhythm and the intensity of the instruments and of course this song is extremely danceable too with strong energetic vibes.

“Love To Love”, fantastic vocal part and a song that makes you feel as if it was only made for you and your partner to dance the night away.

“Can You Love Me”, bouncing drums and a rousing saxophone solo, you can feel the groove from the beginning to the end.

“Real Love” completes this EP perfectly with

the great melody and at the end it feels like you’ve found the real love.

As in the previous albums, Fonz Tramontano understood how to present a great piece of music and that shows us that we don’t really need the 80s to hear fantastic synth pop.


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