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“Conversations in the Local” from @NYCFactoryfast on

“Breaking out of the neat box, this mix of Songwriters posses an amaranthine appeal minus the commercial affectations… “ Title – Conversations in the Local Release Date – 24 July 2017 Genre – Singer / Songwriter Featuring Matt Tubey (London), DJ Readman (Banbury, UK), Shane Klein (Santa Cruz, CA), Dave Whitcher Saga (Tigard, Oregon), Dustin Bird (Ontario, Cananda), Danny Mortimer (Elgin. Scotland)and AMbassadors of Morning (Washington D.C.) Featured Tracks – 01 – ‘Conversations In the Local’ – Matt Tubey 02 – ‘Eternal Glow’ – AMbassadors of Morning 03 – ‘Stay With Me’ – Danny Mortimer 04 – ‘Pirates in My Sink’ – DJ Readman 05 – ‘Marcel’ – Shane Klein 06 – ‘Just Dance’ – Dustin Bird 07 – ‘Reunion’ – Dave Whitcher Saga Social Media / Links – Matt Tubey AMbassadors of Morning Danny Mortimer DJ Readman Shane Klein Dustin Bird Dave Whitcher Saga New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016


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