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Charlotte in cage

All female band Charlotte in cage, was born in August 2015, from an idea of Susanna Angelino (bass/back vocals/scream and growl) and Mary Forino (guitar/back vocals). Some months later the band was completed by Annalisa Barra (drums) and Stefania Scognamiglio (vocals/back vocals). Lady Mary, a flamenco dancer, completed the band with her so called ‘metal flamenco’. Stefania decided to leave the band on June 2016, and Antonella Della Monica (lead vocals/chorus/keyboard) took her place in September 2016. The scope of the band is to spread an ‘alternative’ genre, still not so famous in Campania and in Italy in general, and to give a voice to all the women that never surrender, that fight for their rights, that go on with their own strength. At the beginning the band was widely influenced by the ‘riot grrrls’ movement, till they decided to create their own peculiar sound, without labels on it. The name ‘charlotte in cage’ is partly taken by a Kittie’s song and was based on the idea to set a girl named Charlotte free from her cage, because of her fears, because of the social contest, and so on and so forth.


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