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BaYaT’s brilliant new release “Eerie” is a perfect summary of 2020

Release date: December 12th

Listen to Eerie

At last the most anticipated and talked about track from BaYaT to date is finally here. “Eerie” will hit the stores on 12th December 2020 and this song has got the lot, packing punches in all departments.

Fast becoming the kings of storytelling, this five piece rock band from Serbia are starting to set the world alight with their electrifying live performances and blowing minds with powerfully honest rock tracks. Rising from the ashes of former Yugoslavia, BaYaT took no prisoners with their hard hitting debut album “So it Begins”, and you can expect the stories to get even stronger with their second album “Purge” due for release in 2021.

“Eerie” is the second release from the upcoming album “Purge” and lyrically, as with many of BaYaT’s tracks, it can be interpreted in various ways. What is certain is it will take you on an emotional roller coaster, as it delves into the void to discover the very nucleus of our existence and the driving force behind our survival as a species, especially when challenges are thrust upon us.

Vocally Milos Bajat (M8) delivers to a point where his raw emotion sweeps through your veins like a freight train mixed with a couple of intellectual brief pauses to allow you to

catch up. “M8’s vocal captivate you like no other, you can’t help but believe him.” says David Kitching, BaYaT Manager.

“Eerie” is written in C sharp minor, which is fast becoming a musical trademark for BaYaT and although the BPM is set to 152, the ambient background and shimmering bells create a slower atmosphere. However the chord progressions on this track are dramatic and in complete harmony with the drum beats. More complexed drum fills really make this track stand out. The key elements to this song would definitely be the micro breaks and silences before the introduction of the much meatier choruses and bridges, which come at you like a lightning bolt and which are capped off by the solo to finish proceedings. All in all, “Eerie” is not to be missed showing us all rock is alive and kicking still.

BaYaT are mainly reflecting on what has generally been a positive year despite the global challenges and are really looking forward to just getting back on stage and performing in 2021.

“Eerie” will be available on all major digital platforms on 12th December 2020.

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