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Baum Jr.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE Baum Jr. To Release Second Double A-Side Single, Due Out This March On Friday 3rd March, independent artist Baum Jr. will release his second double a-side single. Including an imagination of his own and a re-imagination of an existing song, his music embodies a newly-invented genre: ‘Next-Gen 8-bit’, a style that calls its influence from the game soundtracks and film scores of the 1980’s, and fuses them with modern noises and rock rhythms. “Filled with an electrifying atmosphere that is just stunningly attractive” – JamSphere Magazine ‘The Sunset & the Coalpit’ is an explosive original track, written and performed entirely by Baum Jr. The song takes you on a journey through hell and back, interweaving electronic arrangements chock full of synthesisers, bleeps and bloops, bombastic acoustic drums, and tactful, edgy vocals. This is a song for the times the world turns dark so fast you don’t even realised it happened until you’re already there. The infectious tune is coupled with the fantastic ‘Foundations’, a cover of Apologies, I Have None, a punk quartet from East London known for their heart wrenchingly honesty lyrics. ‘Foundations is a stark contrast to the opening track, combining lush pads and twinkling leads with heartbeat drums, creating a sound that draws all the attention to the raw and open lyrical content. Baum Jr.’s take on the track stands tall as a remarkable original effort unto itself. “The hooks are wonderfully strong and the atmosphere is dynamic, songs that have tons of building, payoffs and excitement as you listen” – Sleeping Bag Studios Earlier this year, Baum Jr. debuted on the indie music scene with his double a-side. ‘When I Grow Up’ was an electro re-imagination of the 1998 Garbage song, accented by ‘Heroes’, an original track that masterfully complemented the opening track. Now with his latest release, Baum Jr. is about to stamp his electronic wax seal onto music scene with ‘The Sunset & the Coalpit’ and ‘Foundations’. Fans can connect with Baum Jr. on his relevant social media, all of which can be found below! Keep up to date with Baum Jr. to stay updated on new projects, release schedules, and more!


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