“Bad Mamacita” from @NYCFactoryfast on www.onlyrockradio.com

“Packed with energy and flair, these ever-dynamic gems will keep you guessing and entertained… “ Title – Bad Mamacita Release Date – 17 July Genre – Alternative / Hip Hop Featuring SALIO (London), Teemus Supreme (Surrey, British Columbia), Surianne (Marbella, Spain), Divina (London), Pretti Emage (Clearwater, FL), Fall With Grace (Linköping, Sweden) and Replikant (Brisbane) Featured Tracks – 01 – ‘Bad Mamacita’ – Pretti Emage 02 – ‘Part of Me’ – Fall With Grace 03 – ‘Where The River Flows’ – SALIO 04 – ‘Rise & Fall’ – Replikant 05 – ‘We Are As One’ – Surianne 06 – ‘Up To Here’ – Teemus Supreme feat. Queezi 07 – ‘Young, Free and Single’ – Divina Social Media / Links – Pretti Emage https://twitter.com/PrettiEmage https://www.facebook.com/PrettiEmage/ Fall With Grace https://twitter.com/FallWithGrace https://www.facebook.com/fallwithgracesweden/ SALIO https://twitter.com/salio_official https://www.facebook.com/SalioOfficial/ Replikant https://www.facebook.com/replikantofficial https://soundcloud.com/replikantofficial Surianne https://twitter.com/surianne https://www.facebook.com/suriannemusic/ Teemus Supreme https://twitter.com/TeemusSupreme https://www.facebook.com/teemussupreme Divina https://twitter.com/divinablackson https://www.facebook.com/Divinathesinger/ New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016

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