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Animal Revolt Bio

Animal Revolt is a Dutch indie rock duo formed in 2019 by Gee Nelson and Mary Schouten. The name is a reference to the novel ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell.

Influenced by Green Day and Nirvana their style is a mix between alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, punk pop and grunge. 21 years of teenage angst is the first album of Animal Revolt and can be described as energetic alternative rock with grunge influences and a pop punk flavor. ’21 years’ refers to 1999, the year that music became a big part of Gee’s life. The ‘Teenage Angst’ refers to the theme of the album, because most of the songs are based on finding your place in the world, accept who you are and dealing with love.

All songs are written and composed by Gee Nelson, Mary Schouten and Gwen James.





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