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American Mercy from Factory Fast Records

Rough and tumble roots, the mix is driven as much by fine songwriting as the skilled playing executed with a relaxed edge… Title – american mercy Release Date – 6 February 2017 Genre – Roots Rock Featuring The Sour Dogs (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) , Michael Daughtry Band (North Carolina USA), Joe Fiddle (Umeå, Sweden), El Kachon (Novo Mesto, Slovenia), RedBelt (Wisconsin USA), Pikapolonica (Gorizia Italy) and Alan Ibbotson (Sheffield UK) Featured Tracks – 01 – ‘All The Nightmares’ – Alan Ibbotson (courtesy of Rising Records) 02 – ‘The Spirit Is Yearning’ – Michael Daughtry Band 03 – ‘Ballad of Love‘ – Pikapolonica 04 – ‘Anchors’ – Joe Fiddle 05 – ‘American Mercy’ – RedBelt 06 – ‘Grim Up North’ – The Sour Dogs 07 – ‘Strawberry Blonde’ – El Kachon social media / links – Alan Ibbotson @alanibbo Michael Daughtry Band @michaeldaughtry Pikapolonica @B_PIKAPOLONICA Joe Fiddle @JoeFiddleOFCL RedBelt @redbeltmusic The Sour Dogs @TheSourDogs1 El Kachon @ElKachon1 @ElKachon1 New York City-based Factory Fast Music produces mix CDs across all genres — Copyright 2016


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