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A Band Called Paul’s “SLOW TRAIN”… arriving at a platform near you in December

Dublin, December 10th 2020

It’s a new departure for A Band Called Paul as we boss us some bossanova - in an indie

way - on this new release “SLOW TRAIN”.

It’s somewhat of an indie homage to Henry Mancini.

“Indie Lounge”, if you will.

With a texture of sweeping strings, fluttering woodwind and soulful saxophone sitting atop a

swinging upright bass and loose bossanova drum groove, the retro feel of the track’s hook is

blended with a distinctly indie layer of chunky hand percussion and some ripping guitar.

“SLOW TRAIN” is available exclusively on Bandcamp from December 14th and on all

major digital/streaming platforms from December 28th.


Based in Dublin, Ireland, A Band Called Paul is the creation of former orchestral percussionist,

soundtrack composer and session musician Paul McDonnell. The band's music reflects the variety

and depth of Paul's musical career with deft lane changes between hard rock, Latin jazz, indie rock,

electronica and world music.

A Band Called Paul released their debut album, "Primero", in February 2019. They have released four

singles from the album to date:

- the Latin jazz "Hero Two" (

- the darkly electronic "Freefall" (

- the upbeat 60’s-influenced indie rock “In It For Money”

- the stadium-rock-with a-twist “Shimalay” (

“SLOW TRAIN” is the band’s first release beyond their debut album “Primero”.

The band's sound has been described as if Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The The and Beck were

to collaborate. That applies to about half of what they do.



Promo images in a zipped EPK can be downloaded here:


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