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Second Hand Arms Dealer

Second Hand Arms Dealer

the Band

Second Hand Arms Dealer are ahugely driven, diverse and talented band from Bristol. Formed in 2017 from an established band, Goodnight Lois, we truly believe we have the recipe for producing and delivering groundbreaking music and we look pretty damn cool in doing it.

Drawing from multiple different influences means the range of music is vast. From Rage Against The Machine to Ben Howard there are no limitations to the sound we produce.

We are comprised of: Sam Schofield on Drums. Jordan Shortman on Guitar and Joe Spurrell on Bass and vocals. Schofield adds flavour to his drums with counter rhythms which play with and taunt the listener. Shortman juxtaposes heavy and thundering chorus riffs with beautifully crafted verse melodies running through his intricate pedal board to create a sonic wonder. While Spurrell connects the two with sporadic and funky bass lines, while drawing the listener close with his soft voice only to unleash the full power of his blues rock inspired, angst driven, edge of your seat vocals.


2018 promises to be a huge year for us, we are showcasing our intense live soundon a more regular basis, whilst continuing to increase our social media profile. We have already received airplay on over 40 stations, including our first three single being aired on BBC introducing. We expect that exposure to grow exponentially as we continue to grow our fanbase, social media profile and our list of contacts in the MusicIndustry.

With a February release date planned for our first EP and availability of our music on digital distribution services and YouTube, we have the building blocks in place to increasinglyestablish our name, sound, imageand brand.

The music

The feedback we have received music released so far has been fantastic, and all that have seen us live are blown away by the intensity and talent on display. Reviews have been first rate with Chatsong proclaiming ‘I have the feeling hard rock, punk, rock labels, radio stations and fans will love their music and they will probably soon have a label and attract massive radio airplay, gigs etc.’

Please find links to Living, Political Puppets & Balance on our You Tube channel (please email for MP3’s):


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