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Band: Mudsand Title: Miles and miles Label: unsigned Digital Release Date: Oct, 16 2017 Physical Rel. Date: Nov, 10 2017 Format: Audio CD Duration: 44:23 CD distribution: Cover design: Mudsand Tracklist: 1. Miles and miles (04:12) 2. Hot night (03:34) 3. Soon (02:43) 4. The light of foolishness (04:56) 5. The selfie man (04:05) 6. A cap with stripes (02:35) 7. Stupid ideals (03:39) 8. A second life (03:37) 9. Take a car (03:18) 10. Alive (03:05) 11. Fuckin' brains (03:02) 12. Bright star (05:22) Mudsand was born as a band in March 2016 from a project by Sandro Sgarzi, bassist and second voice of Phono Emergency Tool, with drummer Alberto Paumgardhen and sax player Massimo Ortensi. The trio proposes a kind of alternative rock and the main point of reference is Morphine band, of which the band also performs some live coverage, but the inevitable influences from individual experiences of the band's elements include grunge, funky, jazz and blues. In live gigs Sandro plays bass or electric guitar according to the performed song while Massimo alternates the sax baritone to the tenor. Line-up: Sandro Sgarzi: guitar, bass, mandolin and vocal Massimo Ortensi: baritone, tenor and soprano sax Alberto Paumgardhen: drums City and Country: Bologna (Italy) Website: Facebook: Booking and info:

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