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Elemento Zero-EZ

Elemento Zero-EZ. Alternative rock band formed in 2011, a duo that uses electronic drums, guitars and basses striking in his compositions. His references go through My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, Placebo, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Kills, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Raveonettes. The Duo is from Brazil and a fact that draws attention is that they use guitars and basses made by Bass Fábio Souza who signs his work as Luthier Custom Club Guitars. Schiffler and Fábio Hook have played in several bands , including already had a previous project together. Today is dedicated to Elemento Zero -EZ . Members Element Zero –EZ band Marcelo Schiffler - vocals, guitar, keyboards and drum programming Fábio de Souza – Bass and drum programming Crew of music: 1. FIM (END) 2. URGÊNCIA (URGENCY) 3. LUZ E SOMBRA (LIGHT AND SHADOW) Lyrics and musics by Schiffler and Fábio de Souza. Guitars by Schiffler, Basses by Fábio, drums and keyboards by Rossini. Recorded in the "RS " Studio. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rossini.

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