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Ross Seddon

GENERAL BIO Ross Seddon began his serious musical journey after leaving school in 1971 at Maidstone, in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Although initially taught guitar by Tony Naylor (ex Brian Cadd) it was Tony who encouraged Ross to develop and concentrate on his talent of song writing. With Tony’s assistance Ross’s first recording at Armstrong Studio’s South Melbourne in 1973. Ross also undertook some vocal lessons around that same period. Throughout the 70’s Ross music starting in acoustic bands, clubs and theatre but generally he developed his music via a range of rock bands as the years progressed. Band List: 1974-6; Wish & Talis; 1976-7; The Minors 1978-81; Homegrown. The later bands were electric rock bands featuring mostly original songs, often written by Ross, where he was the lead singer with guitarist duties. Limited recordings do survive featuring mainly the Homegrown band both live and in studio out takes. Ross and the band had some label interest from CBS LA., during 1979 as the band continued to develop their original song base and fan following. With no commercial breakthrough Homegrown disbanded in early 1982.

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